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  1. nateroberts

    Hey everybody,

    I've recently starting using a hybrid string set that I think really helps give me a better tone and balance between strings. It's 14, 17, 20(unwound), 30, 40, 50.

    I've been having to buy a set of 12's and then buy the 50 and 14 separately as singles - kind of a pain. Does anyone know a good website that allows you to sort of make your own set using singles or that makes buying singles easy? I haven't found anything that makes it easy or cheap. Maybe there is nothing like that. Anyone that can help me out?

    - nate

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  2. animitta

    Hello nateroberts,
    i can suggest you this web site : http://www.stringsbymail.com

    I don't know which brand you use but if you use D'Addario, for example, you can find many single strings here:


    I can't say good or bad about the service of that web site cause i have never used. i live in europe, and actually i am still searching a web site where to buy single Thomastik : (

    Hope it helps

    All the Best





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