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I can't see Kurt!

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  1. Poparad

    Kurt's doing a concert and masterclass in two weeks at a college jazz fest in the area, but I have gigs all through it! I'm judging a high school jazz fest all morning and afternoon during Kurt's masterclasses, and then I'm playing a musical theatre gig in the evening during Kurt's concert! Curses! The lineup for Kurt's group looks great: Ted Poor, Ben Street, and Taylor Eigsti.

  2. JorgeRubiales

    Man, "get ill" or something, at least for the high school date... lol

  3. Matt

    what jazz festival is it?

  4. Poparad

    Kurt's playing at the Lakeland Jazz Fest at the Lakeland Community College.

  5. mscheim

    Thanks for the tip Poparad. It seems pretty rare to see a high profile jazz guitarist in this area! Occassionally a few (Coryell, Charlie Hunter) come thru Night Town, but not nearly often enough!


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