I dreamt of Kurt

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  1. monk

    Just something weird to share!

    2 nights ago, I dreamt of attending some sort of music program and was put into the same group as Kurt! We formed a quartet and guess what - Brad Mehldau was in the quartet too!

    Yesterday I dreamt of Herbie Hancock talking a lot to me etc

    I think Im going crazy.. Im not sure who will it be tonight

  2. cruxtable

    haha. funny you should bring it up...i think i had a dream last night that kurt was in... i was on stage and attempting to assist the pianist by playing a bassline on the piano sitting next to him, and kurt was there, i think playing some instrument. and i think the pianist ended up being jeff ballard. weird.

  3. Sandemose

    I had this nightmare when I was in highschool, in a music program: I found myself sitting on a stage, behind a drum set. I would look out over the crowd, full of longhaired hardrockers and Dave Weckl look-a-likes. They would sit and look at me with this expectation in their eyes, and I realize that not only am I supposed to play drums in front of them: this is a clinic. Im invited by some fancy school to talk about drumming and play some crazy odd time meter stuff to satisfy these kids. I have never sat behind a drum set. Slowly I start with the kick, trying to find out how it works, just to see whats going to happen...

    Best, Sandemose


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