I Need To Know

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  1. I remember seeing that "I Need To Know" was being mixed for "Star of Jupiter", but it's not on the record (which is completely amazing by the way)! Will it be released in some other form? I really love that song!


  2. arewolfe

    I was surprised it wasn't on the record too. I think maybe it was recorded and didn't make the final cut.

    There is a great version of I Need To Know available on the NPR recording at the Village Vanguard in 2009. It's the first song of the 2nd set.

    You should be able to find it with some searching on google or npr.org

    EDIT: There is also a quintet version on the second set of the Stanford USA 2007 bootleg that bingfeller just posted the link to here (scroll to bottom of the page):


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  4. dexterfm

    Does anyone have a recording of this besides the youtube video?

  5. Dorian Grey

    Do you mean this version!?

    Going to check if i have another one...

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