I Need To Know

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  1. dexterfm

    Hi guys and gals,

    I've been trying to get my hands on a full recording of Kurt's "I Need to Know". As far as I am aware, there is "only":

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    out there. I'd love to hear a version it its entirety. Is it on any of the bootlegs?
    Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks.


  2. arewolfe

    Such a beautiful place this song takes me. I was surprised it didn't show up on Star of Jupiter. Maybe it wasn't included due to it's lengthy form, or the fact that it was already recorded on the NPR Vanguard performance.

    There is a great 16-minute version with a beautiful, floating intro on the NPR Vanguard recordings from January 2009. First song in the 2nd set.

  3. dexterfm

    Thanks @arewolfe. Amazing tune. Yeah, I also got it from the Stanford bootleg. Are you aware of Whispers of Love ever being played at a gig besides that public rehearsal video?

  4. arewolfe

    I haven't heard it on any bootlegs, but I don't have many, so maybe someone out there has a recording. I would love to get a hold of it. In general, I'd love to hear more of that style of composition from the KR piano/guitar quartet: Rubato, floating landscapes. I like how they really allow the listener to soak in harmonic world of Mr. Rosenwinkel (ala Spirit Kiss, Whispers of Love, and I Need To Know intro).

  5. dexterfm

    @arewolfe Same here. I ask because I plan on transcribing and publishing the lead sheet here.. so let me know if you stumble upon anything. Dorian said that he might have something.. can't wait!


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