i want more kurt!

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  1. contremisart

    hey people, this is the simplest post here.
    i just want to say i am a bit bitter about not having enough kurt rosenwinkel. i mean if you are not living in the states, you have the least chances of seeing him live, there's only a small number of youtube videos to keep us busy and we merely get an update on the new recordings. i mean if you check other guys like di meola or metheny they have tons of upcoming dates and new stuff etc...

    am i the only one feeling bad?

  2. Anny Mouse

    I "wish" Kurt participated more in this forum.. :/ But it's his choice and can't fault him for not doing so.

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  3. patfarlow

    he does reply pretty often actually. But yea i would love to see a documentary of his life right now. Current stuf etc

  4. jazznan

    Count your blessings. I feel ya, but how many players of his calibre have a forum and actually post to it pretty regularly? I will be personally satisfied the day his guitar book comes out, but hey, I'm good.

  5. Anny Mouse

    Yeah that will be a great day. Like I said, can't fault him for his rate of participation. It's his life. But when compared to guys like Scott Henderson (when he used to reply that is), Pat Martino, and even Tim Miller's new site, Kurt's replies aren't too often or too in depth when they are. Apart from that, the real difference is the aforementioned artists give you the vibe that it's cool and encouraged to ask questions. Here it's kind of like, well you can try but you probably won't get a response.

    Again, not knocking. Just saying how it is. And it is what it is :)

  6. arewolfe

    This thread seems like somewhat of a relative/subjective complaint.

    Ultimately the value of "Kurt Rosenwinkel" -- first and foremost -- is the music. His technique, style of composition, or life story are all of interest to me, but they are secondary.

    I believe an artist owes nothing to his or her observers. Regarding a piece of art: No explanation of the art should be required. No interaction with the interpreter/observer of the art should be expected of the artist. Getting to pick an artists brain or interact with them... those things are gratifying to the observer, but they aren't really the point of the art.

  7. contremisart

    great words arewolfe.

    i too did not intend to complain about kurt's participant in the forums, in fact i wouldn't even mind if he never posted. what i want is more concerts, more albums, more footage. it's just my enthusiasm for his music. i don't care for his straps, picks, pedals, hats and all those secondary or not even related things to his music.

    maybe it is the industry or the demand of him from the clubs and festivals. i mean here we have one of the greatest jazz musician / guitar player of our era and he gets to play maybe 5 shows in europe? that was my whole point :)

  8. guitarmo

    I would love a Kurt Rosenwinkel coffee mug. I have about 6 Pat Metheny mugs and need something new to spice up my virtuoso-guitar-player-coffe-mug collection. Please and thank you.

  9. smoke

    Just for reference, there are around 2,500 clips on utube of Kurt, some of them as recent as last week. These range from masterclasses to trio recordings to old clips of Human Feel. How much more content would you like to have?

    As far as seeing him live, most of us aren't lucky enough to get to see our heroes in person. Heck, most cities don't have clubs that can sustain live jazz period, let alone international level talent coming through regularly. I am just thankful he is still playing and recording.

  10. Word,smoke.

  11. Sandemose

    I saw Kurt in Stockholm last year in april, then again at Uppsala guitar festival (I was on my way seeing him at Ystad jazz festival this summer but couldnt make it for the gig) and now Kurt is coming back to Sweden (Linköping) in october and Im totally going. I actually had the chance to see him 4 times in a year/14 months. Thats luxuary!

    I like this forum because of the people who write here and I really dig that Kurt sometimes get involved in the discussions...

  12. contremisart

    ok i like the positive energy here. maybe i am just mad at the fact that every time i need go to europe i need a visa and i am taking that out on kurt..haha but i still want more :)

  13. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hey Contremisart - where do you live and which venue/festival do you like to go to? We'll take it as our challenge to try and get the mountain to Mohammed ha-ha! What will help us in doing so is if everyone that would like Kurt to play close to where you live to contact your local jazz presenters and encourage them to book Kurt. Trust us - it helps! Tell them to contact us at: [email protected] and we will try our best to make this happen!

    Thanks everybody!


  14. contremisart

    Hello Anders,

    I live in Istanbul. Actually I saw Kurt with Scofield in July at the North Sea. But that just made me craving for more. And I think Kurt came here two years ago for two nights in a row, but the day before him the Istanbul Jazz Club had Pat Martino and I've spent all my money on those two nights.. If you say it helps then I begin my quest to persuade the few jazz clubs we have here.

    Thanks very much,

  15. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hey Resad - you betcha it helps! There are a number of venues (& of course the Jazz Festival, which Kurt played on the Deep Song tour in 2004) in Istanbul, one of our very favorite cities in the world, and of course also a festival in Izmir etc. So, yes, get as many of your friends - who'd like to see Kurt - together as possible, reach out to the venues and festivals, and I'll bet it'll have an impact!

    Thanks again!


  16. arewolfe

    Hi Anders, Do you expect any information to be released soon regarding the quartet record?

  17. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hi Arewolfe: Yes! ;-)

  18. add4

    How about that 'learn to play guitar with kurt rosenwinel' book?

  19. madsrh

    How about that 'learn to play guitar with kurt rosenwinel' book?

    YES, even if it's only 75% done I would love to see some of the secret sauce he has put in it.



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