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  1. rustyair

    Hi Guys,

    Is there anyone who wants to get a 7 string guitar or already playing it?
    Every time I listen to pianists, I'm telling myself I need to get a 7 string guitar to hit that low bass note...

    I've heard that I will having a trouble thinking the lowest string is an 'E' instead of an 'A'.
    I went to a local guitar store and it wasn't a issue but the neck feels very weird.

    What you do guys think?

    Hiromi Uehara - Place to be

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    Hiromi is just amazing! :)

  2. fakejake

    Reminds me on the music from the Final Fantasy video game series. No offense, i love Final Fantasy (FF VII yeah) !!!

  3. rustyair

    Oh yeah! I played FF VII and it does remind me of it too. haha I also like this video of her! She plays at 6:05.

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  4. gleepglop

    I knew lots of cats in New Orleans who played 7-string, it's pretty popular there. Really nice for solo guitar. I don't think it's that useful for most ensemble playing. The neck does feel a bit weird, I agree, but I think you get used to it.

    Steve Masakowski has a 7 string guitar that extends a fourth lower, so it has the whole range of a bass and guitar (but still sounds like a guitar).

    Jimmy Foster is a LA luthier that makes great 7-string guitars.

  5. silverwater

    A string guitar is AWESOME for duet playing. I don't own one myself, but I used to do a weekly duet gig with a guy that played a 7 string. Every time he'd switch from soloing to comping, the difference was night and day compared to how my 6 strings sounded. Tuning the low string to an A is the way to go too. Play a regular Cm7 chord at the third fret (x-3-5-3-4-x). Now imagine how that sounds with the C and octave lower (3-x-x-5-3-4-x). And you don't really even need to learn a new fingering!

    Damn now I'm thinking about getting myself one.

  6. i cant get more than 20 seconds into the hiromi vid ,by the way. looking at the string of comments of folks that are "in awe" by this is also sad and shocking. it seems downright histrionic and i would wager that if it were say not an attractive woman attempting to appear to make themselves cry with the depth of their own playing; poeple might find it somewhat weird.
    there is no doubt that she is a great piano player.

  7. thoeller

    @Floatingbridge I don't want to start an argument on here or anything but I think you might want watch the whole video at the very least before you make comments like that. What is it that is so sad or shocking about her playing? Could it be a reflection of your own experience that doesn't allow you to enjoy that music. I'm trying to understand if you mean that it's sad and shocking because if it was an ugly person spewing emotion and crying while they played, it would not be understood or would be under appreciated. I think you are right though that many people would/could much more easily discard that video if it were an ugly person which is a sad statement of the mentality that is so prevalent in our societies. If she were ugly would you appreciate it more? I just hope your not sad because it's "another beautiful person making this music and why not let ugly people get the chance" more or less. If they are good and can play why attach other stigma to it? Anyway a lot of others really appreciate her music. I liked her touch and feel a lot.

    this could possibly go into another post because this is a little off topic now. I think it would be interesting to go over the nature of these things, not in an egotistical or argumentative way.


  8. i am glad you enjoy it. i see, with the implication that i might be sad this is a veiled insinuation that i may be ugly and somehow championing the expression of my ugly brethren throughout the land? next time i read " what do you guys think" i will really reconsider taking anyone up on that.sure, we can not have an argument here. so i won't elaborate any further since again:"what do you think?" seems to be a problematic terrain.

    warm fuzzies

  9. to clarify 2 things:
    1). i should have stated that it's more an issue with perceived mental stability. i don't think most people could cry like that at work. this also raises questions about "performance" : does she start from a place like that to play an allegedly sad music or is she being moved like that by her own sounds? does this happen every night? or only during live big budget recorded shows? etc. the " beautiful/ugly " schema was actually an aside regarding society's acceptance of certain behavior... what i mean is i can think of really badass players that might not be perceived as fragile butterflies for doing that ... even less so if they weren't my famous heroes and were people doing their weekly jazz brunch gig.
    2). i will try to LISTEN to it ( because when i fast forwarded through her playing seemed great ( as i stated in the first place); as far as WATCHING the video the whole way through? i will not be able to do so respectfully.

  10. thoeller

    you make good points. I like your style.

  11. Anonymous

    7 string archtop from 18th Century

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  12. logit

    there will always be haters no matter how good you are....but it's ok. Haters are a part of the human condition, unfortunately.

  13. rustyair

    Maybe there was a confusion. Regarding a question 'what do you guys think', I was just asking about 7 string guitar, not Hiromi's clips. I found Hiromi's playing is cool and just wanted to share. I would be interested in the new topic if someone start it in another thread.

  14. ... And there will always be people who don't read.

  15. JorgeRubiales


  16. TruthHertz

    Switched to 7 about 2 years ago and now a 6 feels like a uke. I got an Ibanez, the Eastmans are nice too. I do use a low B tuning, which people don't seem to do as much. It means I have to learn a new set of chord shapes (low A is good because you can grab like a 5th string root and just double or voice an octave down on the 7th), but when I'm playing melody, that interval of a 4th lets me run lines down to the low string without any thought at all.
    I was surprized at the real advantage of the 7th string for me. It's not those low notes below the open E, it's being able to stay at the upper end of the neck and not have to make a position shift to get to the lower registers. If I'm playing on the first two strings and I want chordal or bass register phrases, I don't make the position change and lose my upper range, I just drop down a string. 2 1/2 octave range across the neck is nice.
    It took a while to get used to it, really get used to it. My thumb is used to feeling the middle of the neck as the space between the 3rd and 4th and not the 4th string. Just a matter of relearning muscle memory. It's amazing to play classical repertoire and not have to make so many octave transpositions in transposing piano and lute repertoire.
    Sorry I have no comment on Hiromi.


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