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  1. jazznan

  2. That is so great that they are honoring him with a guitar.
    I just happened to go to their site yesterday ( for other reasons .... Incidentally , I'm not sure if my Internet was slow or if their site just kind of sucks, but exploring was a tedious process).
    Funny enough , there was a picture of ben monder playing one of their guitars... I wonder if they gave it to him... I wonder if it had .09's or 0.08's on it when they gave it to him. Ha!

  3. Check out this video on YouTube:

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  4. Matt

    i played two John Scofield models and didn't really dig em; they have great response to articulation, but the tone is pretty mid-heavy and dull, and the sustain drops off pretty much after ~1.5 seconds. take into account that I was comparing this guitar with the Gibson 335 made in memphis, which i came home with.

    now, this is referring to the model made in Japan, the signature model. the vintage Aritst-series may be different.

  5. jazzacast55

    Jazznana, do you mean Ben Monder? What do you mean Ibanez Scofield?
    The Ibanez as153 looks great, I wonder if it's similar to the Ibanez as200? always wanted one on those!

  6. The pickguard's finish and shape seem like an unnecessary " advancement " in design. It looks kinda silly.

  7. Bluewaterpig

    The Ibanez Scofield signature model is a good instrument but nothing great, and surely not worth the price tags that they put on it because his name is attached. If you're a scofield fan and you want his tone, search for a vintage Ibanez AS200 from '81, '82, or '83. Scofield has one from '83 and its widely agreed that these were some of the best years for that model. They aren't insanely hard to find, you just might have to wait a little while. Wen you do find one, there's a good chance it'll go for less than the price of the Ibanez signature model.

  8. TruthHertz

    You might keep your eyes open for a good condition early 80's AS200, the one Sco actually plays. I've found a few really great ones over the years, set them up and passed them on to friends and they're some of the nicest guitars out there. I got mine on Ebay. The quality control was exceptional and the craftsmanship was meticulous and of a high quality they never reached again. I'd say '81-'84 are good years. They have the smaller "open book" type headstock and not the domed Artist peghead.
    There's a reason why Sco has his name on one guitar but plays his old one.

  9. jazznan

    Any pics of the headstock as an example...I think the one I'm looking at might be an older one. Going for about $1900, is that a good deal?

  10. jazzacast55

    I'm pretty interested in the Ibanez as153 (Guitar in the Ben Monder video), not sure when it's out, if anyone buys one or plays one it would be great to hear some feedback about it!

  11. TruthHertz

    <Any pics of the headstock as an example...I think the one I'm looking at might be an older one. Going for about $1900, is that a good deal?>

    Look at any picture of Sco playing live. That's the headstock you want to find but not anything before 1981. You'll see serial numbers, two numerical digits tell you the year, Letter gives you the month of manufacture. If it's $1900, I think it's worth a look if it's in good shape. Take the action down, check the neck for twist. The QC on those was very good, still any time there's that much neck out there, the neck wood is going to be subject to all kinds of stress.
    Some people love the Ibanez profile, some prefer the rounder Gibsons. Only you will know if it feels good.

  12. arewolfe

    Jazzcast: I'm really interested in the AS153 and AS155. I play an AF105 right now ($780 USD brand new). I love how it looks, feels, and I love the tone. But there are slight intonation issues on the 9th fret and higher, and some buzzing up above the 12th fret that my local guitar tech hasn't been able to fix. I'm on the lookout for the Artstar models... if I try one I'll report back.

  13. TruthHertz

    < I am more than happy with the Super 70 pickups they are awesome, Comments like this almost put me off to buying it, but i read a few other favorable reviews so luckily i took a chance and its great. Made in Dec. 1980, like with any guitar its all about preference, what someone is looking for or to hear, and who cared for the guitar. >

    Thanks guitarguy for reminding me of the obvious: it's all very personal. :) And yes, my opinion is based on what I like. There is a lot that went on with the AS-200 between '80 and '81. They had a big change in their production, and the neck profile changed, got a little wider and flatter, moving away from the Gibson-esque feel they initially embraced and into the contour I associate with their most prolific years of Japanese production guitars.
    Yes, it is always a great idea to try out different vintage guitars, and with some makers, particularly individual instruments. With Ibanez and their Fujigen guitars of the 80's their output was very consistent. I should have said post '80 instruments underwent a change that included a slightly wider neck, a change in pickups to an alnico design and in my experience, they paid a meticulous eye to choice of wood at that point, their necks have a good reputation of staying put. This has also been the feeling among the Ibanez historians while I worked for them.
    I get my prejudices from many years of owning Ibanez guitars, working on a huge number of them, working at the Ibanez facility and having worked on the guitars of George Benson and Sco. I like them, it's only fair to try out different ones, see for yourself. From the sound of it, guitarguy, your guitar may very well be a transitional guitar, an instrument that bridged two sides of that change in era. All the more to love about it.

  14. arewolfe

    Anyone know when the Artstar series will start showing up in music shops? They're in all the catalogs but none of the shops I've called seem to have heard of this new line, and none have them in stock yet. The Boston Guitar Center didn't even have any.


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