Ibanez wholetone wt80 (polytone alternative?)

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  1. chollus

  2. jorgemg1984

    I would really like to know if someone tried one of this...

    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. natjanoff


    I played this amp at NAMN for a while when I was there. It's nice amp. Like a polytone really. The best thing I could say is see if you can
    play this amp yourself with your guitar. That will tell you everything.


  4. jorgemg1984

    Its like a Polytone? I like the polytone but I am not that crazy about them so I never had one (they cost too much new in Europe compared to other amps). But at 350€ its a whole nother story... I ll try one as soon as they arrive in Portugal.

  5. add4

    How precise is it?
    When i played with my AER, i was always struck by how clean and direct the attack was and i would like to find that on another amp.
    I hope they will create a serie out of that, with some amps with less output, this one is heavy, and 80 watts is too much for me.. if they make a lighter 40 watts, i'll run in a store and try it.

  6. Kapteinar

    Honestly, I would rather have the 80 watt version either way. It's so light to begin with, and the extra power is nice if you want to gig with it.

  7. mikelorenz

    Does anyone know how much it actually weighs? I couldn't find it after doing a google search.

  8. jorgemg1984

    Has anyone here tried / bought this amp? Compared to Polytone / Henriksen / Evans / AI? Still curious.

  9. ... fender jazzmaster ultralight forever!

  10. jorgemg1984

    Have one too and love it! Will actually do some things to improve it even more (have you ever mod anything to it?). By far the best "jazz amp" I have heard / played.

    About the WT80 I am just really curious because of the price...

  11. I'm really bad with that stuff. What will you do to it? I don't even feel comfy adjusting truss rod.

  12. jorgemg1984

    I am just good about getting the ideas, the actual work is done by my tech. To the head I will upgrade the op amps - I think its the only thing Fender missed. They have put TL072 which are great for the overdrive channel (btw great overdrive) but on the clean channel I will put OPA2134. I hope to get a more clearer and articulate sound and less noise. I might put an fx loop, not sure about that yet.

    On the cabinet I will put a mitchell foam donut to make it less beamy. Maybe turn it into an open back, not sure about that yet. I also use a stand with it, its really important with this small cabinets.

    Its a mystery to me how such a great sounding and light amp didn't got much more credit. I am really curious to see how it works with bigger cabinets and better speakers also, planning to build a 2x12 4 ohms with Tornados and a 1x12 8 ohms with an EV, both open back.

    I also got a clamshell gig bag from studio silps with a shoulder strap, its great to carry the cabinet on the shoulder.


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