if kurt responded more....

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  1. patfarlow

    this board would rule. it would be a nice gesture to take 5 minutes out of his day once in a while for the kids here that bought the books, cds, and visit shows. even some occasional lesson ideas a scale or somthin

    I know hes busy, but so are we and i typed this in 2 minutes.....

    love ya kurt
    with respect

  2. Basile865

    It'd be great if he was easy to get a hold of to question frequently, but on the other hand, how many amazing artists out there like Kurt have a website with a forum that they do sometimes respond on. He's busy making the music we love.

  3. jazznan

    he could dictate to someone and they could type, yes it would be cool, but even cooler would be that harmony book! anything?

  4. Sandemose

    Gary Willis have a similar forum called Ask Willis (he will kill you if you call him Gary, only his mother does/did that), either way, he likes updates it four times a year or so, answering a bunch of questions. I think Robben Ford does this, perhaps Scott Henderson too?

    Of course it would be cool if Kurt was more active, but I think that if the discussion is intresting enaugh he will jump right into it, but most of the time, we guys/gals often sort things out quite well. Wommusic/ACT is, at least I think so, very active when it comes to handle stuff fast and also answering Kurt related questions.

    I dont think this is a board mainly for us communicating with Kurt, but rather with eachother about all and everything, Kurt related or not. I think this forum is about sharing knowledge, and if its made in Kurts name, I just dig it even more.

    Best, Sandemose

  5. patfarlow

    it is currently a fan board and thats ok, however I and many others realize the communication possibilities the web provide. He doesn't check twitter or reply to most questions, maybe a FAQ section would help minimalize redundant questions letting him focus on novel academic questions?
    just a thought

    my GF does yoga and some of her heroes in the field actually respond and excite her and others. you can imagine how this augments the fan base for the web savy yogis.

    alot of people on this board would pay 50-100$ for a small skype lesson with the master. Im just sharing media centric ideas that pull in revenue for him while growing his notoriety

    with respect

  6. Redbeard

    Maybe I'm projecting, but Kurt seems painfully shy to me. At least outside of his social comfort zone.

  7. Sandemose

    Redbeard: I dont think so, I dont know him, but I really dont think so.

    Best, Sandemose

  8. Lasse S

    edited ..

  9. kurtisrosenwinkel

    hi everyone,
    i try to monitor whats going on on this board, and try to respond when i am asked something directly or if i feel like i have input to the thread. but for y'all i'll try to be more involved :-)
    and redbeard- you are definitely projecting.


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  10. jseaberry

    This is close to having the tablets handed to us on the mountain!

  11. Kapteinar

    Only... This is real!

  12. Quintricacy

    ^ Haha, nice!


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