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  1. Sandemose

    Im seeing Jonathan Kreisberg at Fasching (Stockholm) this wednesday, and Kurt in 14 days at Linköping Jazzfestival. Probably the best two weeks when it comes to concerts in a long time.

  2. jbroad

    i'm luckier than you. i saw kurt at the village vanguard 2 weeks ago and scofield at the blue note and jim hall at birdland last week :)

  3. wilmore

    i moved to nyc a month ago and have seen kurt, gilad, lage lund, julian lage, kreisberg, nir felder, ben monder, wayne krantz, marc ducret...all within a 4 week period, and have been lucky enough to play a few gigs.

  4. wilmore

    oh and mike moreno with ari hoenig. way too much going on to see it all.

  5. patfarlow

    damn you wilmore!

  6. Sandemose

    Wilmore wins...

  7. contremisart

    haha wilmore wins big time
    i have seen Aydın Esen last week, and if you haven't heard of him you might be sorry :)


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