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  1. cruxtable

    does anyone have tips on improving time? i could use work on this in group settings, over drum solos, etc., but in particular i need to work on my solo guitar playing - by the end of a song i end up at a much faster tempo than where i started. i think i get carried away while soloing...any methods you have for getting better at keeping a steady pulse? i play with a metronome a lot already.

  2. docbop

    but how do you use the metronome if its clicking away on all the beats they don't help you develop your inner clock. To do that you want the metronome to click less like on 2 and 4, or just click on 1. That way you just use the metronome to check in.

  3. I would say if you are striving for accuracy, work with the metronome at least twice as slow as what you think is really slow. Listen with all your concentration if your notes are starting exactly on the click and ending on the next click, no space in between. Record and zoom in to see if you are exact.

    In fact, this is still deceiving in the micro view of things because most metronomes "click" is longer than it should be. When is the true mark of time? The very start of the click? The middle of the click? The end of the click? 1 to 2 is not 1 to 1.98 or 1 to 2.001. This is only relevant if you wish to gain control on that level. Music is created in time, so you can explore this dimension in as much detail as you please to.

  4. gleepglop

    You can also make the metronome any note value, especially if you have a metronome that goes really slow. Dotted half, dotted whole, whole+quarter, etc. That way it is coming in on a different beat in every measure, some measures don't even have a click.

    A friend of mine made this:

    which is a fun tool.

    Also, the stupid anti-bot thing doesn't work half the time and blocks posts no matter what I do . . . maybe someone can fix that.

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  5. arewolfe

    Nothing can replace playing live music with real musicians. In this setting you can really hear your weaknesses, and the weaknesses of others. You quickly see what your problems are, so you can then address them when you go back to the shed with your metronome. Recording live rehearsals or gigs and listening back is an even better way of discovering problems in your time.

    Putting the metronome in weird places is good though. If you practice a tune in 3/4, try putting the click on beat 2 or 3.

  6. gleepglop

    "If you practice a tune in 3/4, try putting the click on beat 2 or 3."

    Or a half note, so you feel two-bar phrases, or a whole note, so you feel four-bar phrases.

  7. 111

    A few question you may ask well do I know the song?...How does my breathing change and my body tense without me knowing? i really aware and listening to the people I am playing with?...What is my foot doing?....What's the hi hat doing in relationship to what I am playing? I had a drummer scream at me during a rehearsal because I was not listening to his hi hat. In a real dickish way he was banging on the hi hat after the tune and said to me "if you don't know the time it's right F$&)king here jackass". We are great friends now:) Everyone said that time is internal...that meant nothing to me until I learned to clear the way. It's not easy but you'll find your own way. One of the things I used to practice was to have a tune on the stereo tht i knew well, listen to it for few minutes, turn it all the way down and listen to my "internal" stereo play it, not trying to force it, but just listen, then turn up the volume and see if i was in sync. It help me become aware of my internal clock. Try listening to 90bpm in the morning and checking in with it during the day. Have some fun.

  8. Anny Mouse

    Hey man, this might help!

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  9. cruxtable

    thanks for the tips. i do practice with the metronome on 2 and 4, and i have started recently putting it just on 1 at very slow tempos, but have a lot more work idea, will be checking out all your ideas

    and that honesty metronome looks really useful, but i'm having trouble getting it to work.. clicking i'm ready gives me a download of a .pl file, which i'm not sure what to do with...

  10. 111

    Good luck. It would be great if you could do a follow up post in the future to explain the remedy that woeked for you. It might help others.

  11. gleepglop

    Did you see the note that it doesn't work on Safari? I just tested it and it worked fine for me on Firefox.
    .pl is a perl script, maybe you have your browser settings disabling the script?

  12. cruxtable

    i saw that note, i tried in both chrome and firefox but all it did was download the file. i'll keep fiddling with it.


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