Inexpensive reverb unit

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  1. Anyone got any suggestions for a decent and affordable natural sounding reverb unit/pedal for about $100?

  2. jorgemg1984

    Just get yourself 50 bucks more and a TC Electronics HOF... unbeatable for the price. The New Hardwire Supernatural also seems great but it's slightly more expensive.

  3. Yeah,hard to beat TC for anything.I know Digitech has a pedal for $50 cheaper,didn't sound bad for the price.

  4. jorgemg1984

    Yeah the small holy grail is on that price range too I think. But the 50 bucks more are really worth it... I just use two settings but they are very good. I mean Strymon is awesome but it's twice the price of the TC, I don't think you get twice the value. With the TC vs Digitech you will get 50$ the value for sure!

  5. Yeah,I think TC pretty much owns reverb and delay,for sure.Let me see the condition of my wallet in a couple of months...see if I can fatten it up for the TC unit : )

  6. jorgemg1984

    Ha Ha hope you can make it! :)

  7. smoke

    It just depends on how many features you need. If you just need a basic reverb sound and don't need a ton of features, there are many, many options if you can find them used - TC Electronics, Boss, Digitech, EXH, etc. If you need a ton of features, you are going to have to spend a bit more.

    The Digitech Hardwire series is the same brain as Lexicon, by the way. Hard to go wrong w/ Lexicon. They are really sturdy as well.

    You might be able to find an old Alesis half-rack reverb unit for cheap as well. I see them on Craigslist every so often.

  8. bingefeller

    I have a Boss RV-5 which I really love.


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