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instrument switching

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  1. cruxtable

    i'm wondering if it's possible/how to quickly switch guitars/instruments with the same pedals/amp setup. for example, i think i've seen guitarists switch guitars without having to do any unplugging, turning off, fiddling around. are there pedals that allows you to plug in multiple instruments at once and switch between them, still using all the same pedals and amps? i'm thinking eventually i'd like to add something like a percussive instrument or kalimba to my music that i could use with a pickup, run into my effects and amp and use with my looper, then switch back to guitar or something. also would it be possible to run in more than two instruments, if two is even possible?

  2. Poparad

    Look up "AB Switchers" or "ABY Switchers" or "Line Selectors." Lots of companies like Boss, Radial, and Morley make stomp box switchers. Passive ones (that don't require a power source) are good for switching between one instrument and another and active ones (with a power source) are needed to run more than one simultaneously.

    The only possible roadblock you might face is whether or not you like the sound of a kalimba or whatever through your guitar amp (since the amp will color the sound a bit), but that's easy enough to test without a switcher: just plug in the instrument and see.


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