Is Kurt using an Axe FX with an MFC 101??

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  1. JPMike

    Hey everyone,

    I saw a few videos lately uploaded on youtube of Kurt and I noticed there is a little rack case next to him, like a 4U case, with a black 2U unit with a green screen, which reminds me of the Axe FX and also like a midi controller on his feet.

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    In any case, is it really an Axe FX?? I wonder, how Kurt is finding it as piece of gear.

  2. Poparad

    That's definitely an Axe FX, I'd know that green screen anywhere! I can't really tell from this angle if it's the MFC, but most likely is. Since he's still running two Twins in background, he's probably doing what Jack Broad from the forum does, using it solely for effects. I got one back in December and I absolutely love the thing. Especially with the two most recent firmware updates (v10 and the latest 11 is still in beta), the amp sims sound stellar, but you need to have a good PA-type setup to make use of it.

  3. JPMike

    Same here, Poparad!! I was like, this has to be an Axe FX!
    I have been using the Axe FX for home studio projects since the release of the Ultra and the Standard. Right now, I have an Axe FX II Mark II and I love it. I run it through my Audio Interface and straight out to my monitors.

    @Poparad have you checked out the Matrix products?? The GT1000FX 1U SS power amp and the NL12 speaker. I am really tempted of getting them. People say amazing things about them.

    I can't really guess what the grey/silver 1U unit is. I don't really see any other pedals in front of him.

    If Kurt could give us some insight on the matter, that would be awesome, on how he's using it and whatnot. I have never thought using my Axe FX in a jazz type of context, I mostly use it for metal/rock/ambient type of projects.

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  4. Poparad

    Currently I'm running mine through a pair of lightweight Carvin powered PA speakers, and it works pretty well, but I'm starting to feel that investing in something really nice, like a Matrix power amp and speaker, or perhaps an Atomic cab, will really bring things to life. At the same time, I want to try and keep the bulk down (the Carvins are only 19lbs each).

  5. JPMike

    The NL-12 (Matrix Speaker) specs:

    Weight: 7.7kg (16.9lb)
    Power Handling: 60W RMS, 120W Peak
    Impedance: 8 Ohms
    Dimensions (mm): 455 H x 400 W x 300 D
    Dimensions (in): 18.2 H x 16 W x 12 D
    Connections: Single 1/4″ Jack / Speakon (r) combination connector.

    Also the Matrix power amp is really lightweight. People swear by them and I think they are much better than the Atomic stuff.

  6. Poparad

    Hmmm... my bank account doesn't appreciate your post...

  7. JPMike

    Same here, but the quality is really good from what I have heard.

  8. kurtisrosenwinkel

    Hey, yes i am using the Axe-Fx 2, but with an RJM Mastermind GT midi fott controller. both are awesome. just using it for effects. the other rack unit is a digitech vocalist pro for my voice which runs into the Axe-Fx and out into two fender twins. i am loving the stereo setup. my sound is better than ever...also using an EHX Hog II and a Boss OC-3....


  9. jazznan

    Hey Kurt, thanks. I was wondering if you've ever tried any of the TC Helicon products for voice? I've been messing around with them and don't have a lot to compare it to....

  10. JPMike

    Hey Kurt,

    Thank you so much for answering. I have been using the Axe Fx for quite a few years myself too and it's an amazing piece of gear, it's really nice seeing you use it too. Makes me want to use it in more "Clean" type of situations myself, as I use it more for metal/rock projects from time to time.

    Excuse my greediness, but I really want ask you one last thing. We all know you are using a RAT OD and lately the Holdsworth sig OD, do you use an OD pedal anymore, since you got the Axe FX?? I am trying to figure out, what kind of block chain you would use in the patches you got. I mean, since you got the Fender Twins you don't really need an amplifier and cabinet block in your Axe Fx patches. So the OD comes from a pedal or you use an OD block or amplifier block in the Axe FX??


  11. kurtisrosenwinkel

    i use the rat OD from the Drive block. i am still experimenting with the amp block, hoping one day i will be able to stop using fender twins, but for now this is working very well.

  12. JPMike

    Thank you so much again for answering. I guess, you the Twins are more like the "cabs" with an EQ fine tuning and the rest comes from the Axe FX, from what I understand by your saying.

    In any case, enough with the questions!

    Thanks again,

  13. jbroad

    i also use the axe fx for effects in front of a redplate blackloop 1x12 amp. i tried to use the amp blocks in conjunction with a real amp but it sounds like crap like that. if you want to use the amp blocks then your best bet is to use the axe fx in conjunction with a power amp (preferably a tube power amp) and a couple of speakers. you can also use the amp and cab blocks if you're running the axe fx into a full range speaker (like a p.a. speaker) but i haven't had great results with those. you really need to have 2 of them to hang with a moderately loud band. i'm getting great results just using the axe fx for effects in front of a real tube combo amp


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