is the kurt "solos-the jazz sessions" dvd available yet?

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  1. original spin media has started releasing a series of dvds called "solos-the jazz sessions". on their website they list kurt as one of the artists. does anyone know the release schedule for kurt's dvd. looks like a real interesting series.

  2. Alvin

    I don't know, man... 20 bucks seems an awful lot for a half an hour long footage if you ask me...

  3. well worth it to see kurt close-up playing solo guitar. discounted at amazon it'd be more like $16 or so. sign me up ...

  4. Sandemose

    Isnt this the stuff thats already on youtube?

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    Am I wrong?

    Best, Sandemose

  5. dan berman

    Sure is! Check for more info on the rest of this awesome 39 part series!

  6. jazznan

    I bought the Bill Frisell one amazing!

  7. dan berman

    Glad you dig! Me too!

  8. jazznan

    Awesome videos, great work!

  9. dan berman

    Fantastic! Check and pick one up!

  10. jazznan

    Buy the videos, their amazing! Great choice of artists, highly recommend them! Abercrombie and C.Hunter were great choices as well, and I love Jacky T.

  11. dan berman

    Thanks brother JazzNan - you're the best!

  12. jazznan

    Thanks for the great and amazing videos, I hope you make more of them! I'm looking forward to picking up the Brad Mehldau one I can't get enough of his playing!


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