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  1. jazzacast55

    Hey guys, just thought I'd share this vid of James Muller, hadn't listened to him in a while, so refreshing from so much other modern jazz guitarists that I've been listening to lately, almost can't stand them at the moment, sometimes it seems hard to find someone that hasn't got a big Kurt influence, especially tone wise. Check out the second part of the tune, it's a Sean Wayland tune based on rhythm changes, it get's silly fast!

  2. Pauli Poulsen

    This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
    I love the variety and development in his solo.

  3. david6strings

    5:17 and 6:17 . i wonder how they get the new beat. do you think they speed up or is some kind of metric modulation. by the way the guys are awesome. thanks for the link

  4. Muller is a beast!
    I've seen him play quite a few times, and he often refers to this tune as the "Australian Changes" :)
    I'm pretty sure the tempo shifts are just on the fly, nothing more complex than 'Ok, now a bit faster...'
    'Kaboom' is a great trio album.

  5. jazzacast55

    Yeah the second tune is called ARC (Australian rhythm changes by Sean Wayland), I wondered about the tempo change too and I think it is just them playing a bit faster each time, cool effect and yeah great playing!!

  6. sandman

    guy is dope. Has anybody used this technique that he uses: using using the m finger (on the right hand if that's not clear) to make string skips in single note lines. I was talking to a guy who I noticed doing this at a show and I had never really seen anyone use this while using a pick for single note lines and it sounded great. he was a big fan of the technique anybody have positive or negative

  7. sandman

    ...experiences concerning this

  8. Matt

    if it sounds good and works use IT!

  9. I've started doing this after looking at some holdsworth YouTubes . I believe that's what he is doing.ive said it before ( as perhaps others have too) having A way to pick seems weird. Certain techniques execute certain things with far more ease than another would. I believe I'm seeing holdsworth do this ( I think live I even saw it but was overwhelmed by so much at the moment) specifically fast passages that really get that ( leaving the early period )Coltrane thing. It looks like its done on middle strings but I've seen it on high strings too. It is a cluster that seems to be an intervalic set that kind of moves up hill ( and he may just use his discretion to adapt the phrase to the key as it moves up diatonic ally or disregard that as he moves the phrase uphill... Seems some what arbitrary ). Basically what looks like a minor 2nd then a 4th above that all on one string and then a seventh or flat seventh from the first note skipping a string; then this pattern smears up hill with the actual alteration of this shape maybe shifting or staying the same and maybe note just going straight up and down but stuttering ornamentation on either side of the middle before moving the shape . My point is I've seen him do this on those extreme strings. It is obvious because his hands are huge.sorry if this seems confusing, but I'm very bad at explaining this thing that I'm very attracted to his and I have found in a few other people's playing which achieves this Coltrane thing or that level of control at that speed willie maintaining cool ideas of structure.

  10. jbroad

    james is so killing! i think the tempo changes are the same thing that wayne krantz does with his trio. he basically says up or down and they almost immediately find the new tempo together as a band.

  11. jazzacast55

    If anyone is interested there is a full concert here live in Sydney:


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