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  1. Andy123

    Dear All,

    I’ve been working on jazz backing tracks for some time, arranged and mixed with PG Music software. I’ve finally got around to making them publicly available - for a small consideration – including custom-made options.

    Have a look at http://www.realjazztracks.com

    There aren't any backings for Kurt-numbers on the site yet, but I have arrangements of Minor Blues, Use of Light and Our Secret World in draft if anyone is interested.

    Best to All - Andy

  2. fakejake

    sweet! I think I'm gonna buy a few. a nice change to the aebersold tracks that I cant hear anymore...

    edit: is there a panning option like in the more recent aebersolds, with piano and bass beeing tracked seperately onto the left and right channel? In my opinion, you should DEFINITELY have that, one of the most useful features. I want to be able to practice both comping and basslines AND have a full trio backing me.

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  3. Andy123

    Hi Jake: See FAQ #12 on panning. And then have a look at the 'Custom-Made' Tracks page... We aim to please... ! Best - Andy

  4. fakejake

    Hi Andy,
    Too bad, that case I'll have to pass. I see your reasoning behind that, still I believe most people would prefer the panning option.
    How about mixing two versions of each tracks and offer both?

  5. Andy123

    Jake: Completely understand - altho many say they can't use hard L-R panning - especially thro headphones. I meant to imply that a custom-made hard L-R pan of Tracks already up there would count as 'Normal-RJT'. Use the 'Custom-made' page form to say what you need. Best - Andy


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