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  1. Neither

  2. jazzacast55

    I'm looking forward to those also! any idea of dates for the Lage and Gilad videos?
    As for kurts method, I've always wondered with the whole thing about people always comparing new modern guys to Kurt, once his book comes out it's gonna be hard not to run into a guitarist that doesn't own a copy, so in a way most guys will be learning the same exercises or material and ultimately continuing the Kurt clone-ish vibe? I don't know, just a thought (sorry to go off track).
    Bring on Lage and Gilad videos!!

  3. Thanks for your interest in the http://JazzHeaven.com videos with Lage Lund & Gilad Hekselman!

    We are making good progress in the post-production phase on those, but in all likelihood it will take a few months more.



  4. jazznan

    can't wait....

  5. david6strings

    there is a lot of things coming, tim miller's book too, 2012 is gonna be a great year. by the way yesterday i saw Gilad for the first time playing here in Madrid with joe martin and i great drummer i don't remember his name. well, just amazing. it's worth the 15 euros

  6. bingefeller

    Guys where did you read about Kurt's book coming out?

  7. Benny

    There are lots of great instructional videos available for purchase from http://www.mikesmasterclasses.com

    I can recommend Vic Juris' chords lesson and Sheryl Bailey's 'bebop flow' lesson. Tom Lippincott has a good five part series on modern jazz guitar, that delves into the harmonic and rhythmic concepts that a lot of modern players (Rosenwinkel/Kreisberg/Lund/Felder et al) are utilising in their playing. I've bought part 2 (melody) so far.

  8. Neither

    Yes, http://www.mikesmasterclasses.com seems to produce interesting videos.
    About jazzheaven.com :
    Lage Lund : Expanding Your Chordal Vocabulary
    Gilad Hekselman : Jazz Guitar Counterpoint

  9. SJS

    Anyone know whats happening with the lage and Gilad Vids?

  10. JPMike

    This made my day!! Can't wait!

  11. jazznan

    Thanks Benny for the info

  12. Sandemose

    SJS: I comment on every jazzheaven video on youtube and facebook. They wait for Gilad and Lage to send PDFs. Man, I wish they would hurry up!

  13. Benny

    Hi Jazznan,
    The Tom Lippincott lessons are very detailed and well worth 29.95. I've got the melody and chords lessons now. Both are almost 2 hours long and there's a multi-page .pdf with notation and tab for all the examples. Lippincott shows how to apply these "modern" concepts to standard chord progressions. There are some examples "in the style of" some well known players. The lessons aren't for beginners but I think for someone who has all their fundamentals down and wants to get a handle on what players like Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jonathan Kreisberg and John Stowell are doing, they're well worth your time.

    There's a good breakdown and preview of each lessons at the Mike's Master Classes website.

  14. Benny

    I received the Oz Noy 'Guitar Improvisation Workout' and Jerry Bergonzi 'Creating A Jazz Vocabulary vol.1' DVDs from jazzheaven.com yesterday. I've only had time to look at a couple of random sections but both look great.

  15. jazzacast55

    I can vouch for the Tom Lippincott videos, I have 4 of them, the rhythmic ones (4 & 5) are excellent, covers alot of odd time stuff and polyrhythms. The harmony one is great to, most have around 20-30 page pdf booklet and are well explained!
    Wouldn't mind checking out Lage and Gilads videos on JazzHeaven though, hopefully not to much longer!


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