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Jazz Standard NYC

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  1. Chris

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  2. jbroad

    it's a great room. there is a bar in the back but you should try to get up close. the sound is much better the closer you are to the stage. as far as driving- i've never had a problem although i'm about 3 minutes outside of NYC. there's plenty of parking at that time of night although it might take you a few minutes to find a space. there is a great bbq place upstairs. you could sit at the bar and grab something up there before the show or you could also eat downstairs

  3. gleepglop

    I wouldn't call it fine dining, though it's nice and the food is good.
    I've gone alone before, no big deal.

    It's actually my favorite of the "big" jazz venues in town to go hear music, it has the most relaxed vibe.

    Usually not too hard to find street parking in that area at night, though weekends might be a bit tougher.

  4. Quintricacy

    It's a great venue and it has great ribs!

  5. portcityamps

    I can't wait to be there Tuesday night!

    Port City Amps

  6. Chris

    Thanks for the input guys.. Do people buy tickets to both sets, or is it mostly two identical set lists each night? I could definitely watch Kurt and Peter twice in one night!

    All the best,

  7. jbroad

    i would think that it would be 2 totally different sets

  8. portcityamps

    What is the dress code?


  9. jbroad

    i usually go in a full bear costume but jeans are also ok

  10. Did anyone catch mehldau and guiliana at the stone on Wednesday ?

  11. portcityamps

    Too bad my bunny suit is in the cleaners.......

  12. Chris

    What are the chances a poor college kid like me could buy a ticket to the first set and stick around for the second. Is anyone else planning on going to both sets any of the nights?

  13. jbroad

    too bad daniel. anyone dressed as a bunny gets in free!


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