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  1. Thiago

    Hi guys,

    Maybe it might be of general interest. I found a nice blog about jazz transcriptions. It`s held by the great teacher and guitarist Nick Fryer. He also publishes transcriptions made by other musicians.
    Well, I hope it can be useful for someone.

    See you,



  2. jorgemg1984

    Honestly I am not a fan of using transcriptions made by others. One of the most important steps of the process is processing it yourseld - essential for your ear, fretboard knowledge, etc... using other guys lead sheet is really just sight reading.

  3. Thiago

    Jorge, I agree with part of what you said. It can be used for some analysis too. I also like the idea of having other musicians to help me with corrections and tips about my own transcriptions.
    But yes, there`s nothing like doing your own transcriptions.

  4. jorgemg1984

    Oh I agree about having other people look at your transcriptions - they always see errors you don't. I am just not a fan of learning a solo using a lead sheet done by others, you're loosing one of the most important parts of the process (assuming you can sight read a solo). It's also a good way of finding oher versions of the same solo and compare it to yours and finding ideas for what solos to transcribe (I forgot to thank you for sharing the website actually)

    I just said that because I know guys who read so well they can play a Parker solo from the Omnibook - which is great of course but I think you'll learn more learning one solo the right way than three by reading the Ominbook.

    Anyway welcome to the forum, nice to have a Brazilian here! :)

  5. surfinboy

    I agree you get much better, more internalized results if you do it yourself. I'm also a big believer in only transcribing solos you love, that really resonate with you. It may sound trite, but I think one of the biggest values in looking at other transcriptions is simply to see what others have transcribed. There should be a compelling reason that someone spent the time and effort to do it, and perhaps you'll find it by checking it out.


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