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  1. jazzacast55

    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to know if you guys could suggest some jazz-contemporary singers for me to check out as I'm clueless when to come to singers!
    I'm writing some tunes with a singer and wanted to hear what type of stuff is out there at the moment!

    Thanks guys

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. theo bleckman

  3. JorgeRubiales

    john pizzarelli, plays guitar too

  4. callum

    Bilal, Esperanza Spalding, Kristin Berardi, Gretchen Parlato. All of those are pretty awesome...

  5. Gia5

    Kurt Elling is awesome.

  6. fakejake

    Anybody dig björks jazz standards stuff?

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    Whatever music she does, she's just killing me...

  7. JorgeRubiales

    I can't stand bjork really...don't understand how she has become so popular given her limited vocal range. But anyways, don't want to drag the topic, +1 to esperanza spalding, I saw her live and was amazing!

  8. jazzacast55

    Great guys, I'm checking them out now, I'm heard a bunch of Esperanza Spalding stuff and she is amazing, also If anyone hasn't checked out Kristin Berardi as mentioned above, do it I've seen her live a bunch and she has always blew me away, easily the best singer I've seen live!

  9. Quintricacy

    +1 for Theo Bleckmann. He's got an unbelievable range and can sing some really hard stuff. Same goes for Jen Shyu, Sarah Buechi, Isa Wiess also Bruno Amstead and Mederic Collignon.

  10. Benny

    Kurt Elling
    Mark Murphy
    Gretchen Parlato
    Ian Shaw
    Lianne Carroll
    Theo Bleckmann
    Gregory Porter

  11. DGP

    Rebecca Martin is one of my favorites. Check out "Middlehope" for great renditions of standards (as well as some great Kurt stuff) and also her latest record "When I Was Long Ago" is awesome - standards, vocal-bass duo format, with Larry Grenadier (who is also her husband). Those are my favorites. But there are others that are awesome as well.

  12. geetarted

    Gretchen Parlato is great. Becca Stevens is creating some amazing music.

  13. thoeller

    lets not forget Grazyna Auguscik. I'm sure most of you have seen these video's, i think shes great.

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  14. animitta

    Roberta Gambarini: she is amazing too!


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    All the Best

  15. david6strings

    harry conick jr. and of course diana krall, what an amazing guitarist she have by the way. if you are looking for popjazz you can listen the songs of jamie cullum too

  16. jorgemg1984

    Not a fan of Diana Krall, but Anthony Wilson is amazing!

    Greg Osby playing a song by portuguese pianist Paula Sousa with Sara Serpa on vocals

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  17. Neither

    I have to say that I don't like jazz singers most of the time. I feel that, compared to the other jazz instrumentists, jazz singers didn't progress a lot since Ella Fitzgerald... So it's difficult to find a real modern/contemporary jazz singer... (there are a lot of smoothie jazz pop singers, but it's difficult to find an equivalent to Brad Meldhau, Keith Jarrett, Kurt Rosenwinkel...). Some suggestions are really interesting in this posts (+1 to Theo Bleckmann too), some I never heard (so thanks, I'll try to put the hand on it...). "Middlehope", by Rebecca Martin, is an interesting album, as "The Waiting", by Jill Seifers, is, each (because ?!?) featuring Kurt, and some Gretchen Parlato interpretations.

    I want to add a suggestion here : Gábor Winand.
    See (and listen) here :

    Some great albums :
    * "Agent Spirituel" by Gábor Winand, feat. Gábor Gadó (guitar)
    * "Opera Budapest" by Gábor Winand with the Gábor Gadó Quintet
    * "Different Garden" by Gábor Winand, feat. Gábor Gadó (guitar)
    * "Corners Of My Mind" by Gábor Winand, feat. Gábor Gadó (guitar)
    * "Homeward" by Gábor Gadó, feat. Gábor Winand (vocals)

    You can listen some extracts of lives and CDs here :


  18. Dorian Grey

    Anyone has checked out Maria Neckam ? http://www.marianeckam.com/. what do you guys think of her voice & music?

  19. Colonel Trane

    Becca Stevens is incredible. I saw her sing with Brad Mehldau in the spring and she blew my mind and her album is also great. I second Gretchen Parlato as well.

  20. barolo

    Quite a few interesting names here. I´m definitely +1 on Sara Serpa:

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  21. TruthHertz

    Dominique Eade, beautiful voice, harmonic complexity of a piano player.

    Jill Seifers, recorded with Kurt on Fresh Sounds label

  22. fakejake

    R.I.P Amy Winehouse. Truly great singer and artist, yet another addition to the 27 club...

  23. edyson2

    how to become a better singer

    1. Figure out what kind of singer you want to be. What kind of music do you like? Pop? Rock? Country? Keep in mind that you have to be able to sing and sound good while singing that genre.

    2. Find practice songs. Choose a few songs that you enjoy and can sing good. Practice those ones often.

    3. Relax your mouth - Singers can't be tense. Let your jaw drop and remain slack. Let your tongue fall forward in your mouth and rest, flat, against your front teeth. Don't move it too much when you are pronouncing words, and don't try to use your jaw to control pronunciation or volume. Stay loose and relaxed, with everything falling forward.

    4. When singing, feel like you are always on the edge of a yawn - this will create the correct tone in your voice. It will feel weird, and probably sound weird at first, but that's how the professionals do it. Make yourself yawn, and then talk in a "sing-song" voice. This is how you will feel and sound (sort of) when you have the correct tone to your voice.

    5. Posture is very important for singers. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart (some singers put one foot slightly in front of the other). Your shoulders should be relaxed and down. Your body should be loose - not tense, but not hunched over, either.

    6. Breathing is also very important. Always take a deep breath from your stomach, NEVER your chest. A low breath will push your diaphragm down and help you control your air. The idea is to have enough air to sustain a phrase. You will learn how to control your air as you sing. Don't let too much of it out at once or your tone will sound breathy. Always practice taking a deep breath from low in your stomach, and learn to control from there. Take a deep breath, then try pretending you're blowing through a straw. This will help you develop breath control. If you're not sure where you're breathing from, lay down on the floor and place a folder or notebook on your stomach. It should rise as you breathe - your chest should not. When you're standing, your shoulders should remain down when you breathe.

    7. To create vibrato, you must keep your jaw very relaxed and dropped, and allow the vibrato to develop naturally. If you clench your jaw or try to force vibrato, it won't happen. You will feel vibrations in your throat, around where your tonsils are when you begin to develop vibrato.

    8. Practice a lot. You will begin to notice where each pitch lies in your voice, and how your throat and mouth feel when you hit that pitch. Use this to memorize where specific pitches are, which will improve your accuracy.

    Read more: how to become a better singer


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