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  1. jseaberry

  2. jorgemg1984

    So sad...

  3. jbroad

    RIP maestro :( the greatest ever!

  4. kutu

    Interestingly, yesterday was a Jim Hall day for me. Somehow, my audio player shuffled to Art Farmer Quartet featuring him, it picked me up musically. Then, I listened to a few from his own "It's nice to be with you", I read about his string gauge and aging's effect on string selection (and similar silly things) on a few forums, peeked at his bio on wikipedia once more and thought to myself if I would have any chance to see him live in Istanbul or anywhere else before he... Shut up, you prophet of evil!

    Rest in peace.

  5. fakejake

    I saw him in NY 2 years ago and his playing was still very fresh and inspired, and his tone was distinct as always.
    Those recordings he did with Paul Desmond are some of my favorite Jazz moments.
    This is really sad, what a loss.

  6. Alvin

    A true master..

    If anybody hasn't seen this, it's a great view on Jim's life and personality:

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  7. kurtisrosenwinkel

    R.I.P. Jim Hall. what an incredible guitarist, an inspiration to us all i am sure. I love the quartet albums with Paul Desmond- my favorite guitar playing ever...



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