Jimmy Amadie

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  1. Tom Kane

    I wanted to thank you for the kind words expressed to Philadelphia Inquirer music critic Dan DeLuca regarding the death of Jimmy Amadie. Jimmy, in confidence, has spoken to me of the time spent with you. As you may know, Jimmy did not willingly reveal the identity of his students. However, I was one of his closest friends (he and Lucille spent Christmas and other holidays with my family). Therefore, Jimmy made me aware of your tutelage as he expressed his affection for you.

    You and I share a kinship that few have experienced. Not only was I one of Jimmy's closest friends, I also was his student. The experience of being chosen to be his student, invariably leads to friendship, admiration of his character, and personal growth. I share your love for our musical mentor and wanted to thank you personally for your expression of gratitude for the part of his life that he shared with you.

    Tom Kane

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