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  1. washabaugh

  2. jorgemg1984

    Awesome, thanks!

  3. cruxtable

    i don't even know what to do with that first performance....how much is that is arranged? like how much of it would he play exactly the same every time?

  4. really great question.

  5. M.L-13

    Hey everyone,i used to take lessons from JK and i ve seen more than a couple of solo performances.i think he has certain arrangements for certain tunes that he plays in the same way more or less.particularly good ones are the "summertime" one and also "the caravan". On the other hand i ve seen him play body&soul in 5 while switching keys and that seemed spontaneous and it was brilliant!

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  6. jbroad

    yeah, my favorite things is definitely a worked out arrangement. the only things that might change would be some of the single-line stuff but 75% of it sounds like an arrangement (a killing arrangement!)

  7. jazzacast55

    I think JK has just recorded a solo guitar cd and will be his next release so I would guess that these tunes are from that and I would have no doubt that he would play them majority the same each time.
    The word improvising is thrown around too much in jazz, don't worry he's sat down and worked these tunes out.

  8. Anny Mouse

    Agreed, but regardless..pretty amazing!

  9. arewolfe

    Wow, this is great. I've never been a huge Kreisberg fan because he's so chopsy and technically impressive that it's hard for me to glean anything emotional out of it (his insane arrangement of Caravan in this clinic is one example... amazing, but, for me, the sheer technical insanity of it overwhelms anything else that he might be projecting).

    Hearing him slowly play Wine and Roses and Fee Fi Fo Fum... that was tasty stuff. His rig tone in the clinic is killer. I hope it's true that he has a solo record coming out.

  10. SJS

    The Video now has a message saying its private. Whats Happening?

  11. Benny

    I'm not surprised these videos have gone. I attended a masterclass with JK earlier this year and he politely declined requests to film or otherwise record the session. Since these types of events represent an additional revenue source for touring musicians, it's perfectly reasonable that many wouldn't want these sorts of videos online.

  12. jazzacast55

    If anyone posts these types of vids take my advice and download them as mp4s using keepvid, I did it when I first seen them as I had a feeling they would be taken down.

  13. Anny Mouse

    "i don't even know what to do with that first performance....how much is that is arranged? like how much of it would he play exactly the same every time?"

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    To answer your question :)

  14. cruxtable

    thank you Anny!

  15. JPMike

    JK is coming in Athens, Greece on the 1st November for a gig with his quartet and clinic. So excited!!


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