Joachim Schoenecker

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  1. guitar1025

    Just curious if anyone out there has heard of this guy before. I'm on Spotify listening to a duo album he did with Peter Bernstein. It's great!!!! This guy is a great player and his sound is a great compliment for Bernstein's.

    I'll be curious to see how far out of the loop I am with finding new players.

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  2. fakejake

    I know him, he has a monthly lesson section in a german guitar magazine, most of the time those are really good. I listened to the album but wasnt that excited about it. Flawless playing of course, but nothing that really caught my interest..

  3. guitar1025

    . . .interesting. I'm using Spotify a lot these days to learn tunes/transcribe stuff. I went searching for Peter Bernstein and came across that album. I thought it was great in the sense that, I feel like there's a lot I can learn in there through transcription.

  4. fakejake

    Absolutely! It's just not the type of music I would put on for the sheer enjoyment of listening to it, like the music by Kurt, Miles, Cltrane etc...
    Btw you like Joachim's sound, he is currently selling his Benedetto...



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