Joel Frahm w/ Kurt at Smalls Feb 28th?

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  1. shawnuff


    Just looking at the smalls schedule and they list the Joel Frahm Quartet w/ Kurt on Feb 28 for a recording date.



    btw Kreisberg cd release concerts last night and tonight!

  2. steepcreeks

    Yep, Anders confirmed it for me in an email. I'm headed that way and taking a couple lessons with Adam Rogers and Lage while there, should be a great trip.

  3. Timbo

    Kreisberg's group was great last night. I love Will Vinson's playing, and of course JK's...

    Also excited for Kurt. I hope they broadcast it online even though it's a recording date. I actually have his and Kreisberg's shows at Smalls marked on my calendar. And Peter Bernstein!! (Feb. 23)

  4. Sandemose

    I sure hope they show the concert, but its not sure since its recorded. Anders, you know anything about this, or should one email Smalls and ask? Seems perhaps like an awful lot of work but one has to get up 3-4 in the morning to watch Smalls concerts :) And its totally worth it...

    Best, Sandemose

    Magical rainbow ponies
  5. jorgemg1984

  6. jazzacast55

    I got this cd today, $7 for mp3 album download and it's great from what I've heard so far, good mix of tunes and a nice live sound. Joel is playing great as well as everyone.
    Interested in hearing any ideas of what Kurts set up might of been for this gig as I get the vibe it's a bit smaller (maybe just me).
    Also anyone know if they filmed this?? It would be great to see them playing

  7. mrzzajjazz

    I bought this album from itunes the other day, and it's just FANTASTIC! Some great tunes, I must say that the opening blues is just a sheer joy to listen to, and the way Kurt plays on those rhythm changes at the last tune is just mindblowing.. Thanks a lot for the heads up jorgemg1984!


  8. mrmonocle

    For those who have downloaded the album directly from the Smalls Live site, could you perhaps check and see what bitrate/quality the files are encoded in? Thanks!


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