John Coltrane's melody/solo on "My Shining Hour"

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  1. mattymel

    hey y'all. here's my latest tranny. trane's "my shining hour" from his "coltrane jazz" record. interesting stuff, kind of right in between more "modern" and "classic" period for him.

    i found it interesting how there are often quick 16th and even 32nd notes (you have to really listen for them) interspersed within what sounds like a straight up 8th note line. great study in how to make that happen smoothly on guitar.

    also some cool things where he anticipates changes. especially dig the F Major to F minor changes. ALWAYS plays F minor over the F Major.

    Anyways, enjoy. Scribd link below...

  2. patfarlow

    thanks i like the little pattern at bar 33 over the cmaj7


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