Jonathan Kreisberg Interview + Live rig video

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  1. jazzacast55

    Hey guys,

    Found this online last night during one of my late night youtube jazz procrastination-a-thons.

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  2. animitta

    Just a silly comment:
    Kreisberg is great guy and a burning guitar player but really i can't stand for someone who does not cut the strings on the's really a mess..

    All the best

  3. bingefeller

    Great stuff, thanks for the video.

  4. docbop

    great musician and wise man. his comments at the end were spot on.

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  5. JPMike

    Haha, I was there when they were shooting that interview. It's from the concert in Athens, Greece.

    JK is an amazing guy!!

  6. Thiago

    Besides being an amazing player the guy is really funny and humble. Thanks for sharing the video!

  7. guitar1025

    Yeah, JK is a really great guy. I saw him for the first time about 4 or 5 years ago in NYC (he does a weekly gig at La Lanterna). I made it obvious that I was a musician with how intently I was listening. He came over in between sets and introduced himself and we talked guitar stuff for a while. I've seen him a handful of times since, and he always remembers me by name.


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