Jonathan Kreisberg - Just In Time Transcription

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  1. fabguitare

    Hi guys,

    I transcribed Jonathan Kreisberg's version of "Just In Time", and made a video ! I just wanted to share it with you, and have your comments :)

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    [email protected]

  2. lacroix

    Wow Fabien!

    nice job and thanks for sharing the transcription.
    Besides I really like your other youtube videos, like Zhivago and Sirabhorn.
    They are really amazing!

  3. skiadikt

    fantastic. great you did a play-along for us mortals. thanks.

  4. fabguitare

    Hi guys,

    thank you for your kind comments !
    Thank you, Lacroix ! Don't hesitate to share those videos, if you liked it !

    See you soon,

    [email protected]


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