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  1. patfarlow

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  2. patfarlow

    No one, really? This is quite interesting, considering the huge Gilad discussion. I would've guessed more interested parties dissecting his work. Did I already miss a Julian thread perhaps, rendering this redundant?

  3. Matt

    no, i think most people just haven't checked it out.
    i listened to some of it earlier and i like the vibe of it. it seems very roots-oriented although they have plenty of room to stretch out.
    i like julian lage. i think he's great. i hope to get this when it's out!

  4. patfarlow

    nice to hear that matt. I really like his solo work like the four etudes.

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  5. jazznan

    I've mentioned him a few times, love his stuff. I saw him live his band was fantastic (sometimes a bit Metheny sounding-but great!)

  6. jazzacast55

    Julian Lage is amazing! I've always loved sounding point, one of my favourite albums, the idea behind the new one is really cool, if anyone hasn't seen much check him out on youtube, beautiful player!

  7. JorgeRubiales

    Well, I didn't like a cd I heard from him a while ago (don't know if he has more than one?). Just a matter of style.

    This new I feel I would like it better. However I laughed a lot when I heard a phrase that my teacher plays like, every day, an arpeggiated line, and I thought "who sstole from who?" lol!!

    I think he is growing, but I hope he takes his electric side a little bit more. For me, there's just two guys in jazz who sound great on acoustic guitar: Burrell for an old school sound, and Metheny for a modern one.

  8. brouwer,towner,mclaughlin,django,breau...holdsworth!!


  9. Quintricacy

    It's cool but sounds quite similar to his last album. I'd really like to hear him with a full drum kit, no doubt that he is a great player!


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