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  1. guitar1025

    Interesting debate happening here. I think there are some things to establish or keep in mind.

    Is the debate about whether or not he can play, or whether or not we like/dislike him? I think for anyone who's ever heard Julian, the former argument is a futile one. He CAN play, better than I probably ever will and he's a good seven years YOUNGER than me!! If this argument is about tastes, then that again is futile. We can beat each other over the heads with the same arguments over and over but I think it's pointless to try to change someone's opinions.

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is, let's decide what we're arguing about; in other words I DON'T LIKE HIM shouldn't necessarily equal HE CAN'T PLAY. Take this for example:

    Jimmy Bruno

    Can he play: Absolutely!!

    Do I like him: No not particularly. A lot of time I feel he plays notes just for sake of playing notes, i.e. "how many notes can I squeeze into the measure." At times I find it to be unmusical.

    Now bear in mind that I understand that these are MY opinions. Do I take anything away from Jimmy? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    Do I think people will disagree with me? I hope so. I'd find it very boring if everyone agreed with me 100% of the time.

    Anyway, that my two cents.

  2. jazznan

    I just went out today and bought the "Gladwell" album, and it's great! It's not food for every meal, but I'm enjoying it and well-glad I bought it.

  3. TruthHertz

    How many of the iconic players actually thought of themselves as revolutionary while they were on the path to realizing their own greatness? I would observe from my friendships with true artistic souls, some of whom went on to become well respected, that it's a minor if not inconsequential factor to INTEND to be great. Greatness comes out of being true to a vision, a means of joy, a language and one's self. I remember Kurt when he was a student. He had an uncanny truth to him, and a joy to being himself (if I might presume to assume.)
    I see that in Julian Lage too, and who knows what he will become as he continues his journey. I'm excited to see. He's young and he's wise enough to know how to use his youth in not playing to anyone else's genre expectations.
    Innovator? Originality? Stylist? Those are pronouncements that are more the realm of the critic than the artist.
    I see Julian as a worthy artist.

  4. smoke

    Check out his playing on the new Eric Harland disc called Voyager for something a little different from him. Pretty amazing stuff in a more 'modern' jazz style. He is using more of an overdriven tone as well. Plus Walter Smith III is on it and he always kills.

  5. patfarlow

    i like his version of autumn leaves on gladwell.

  6. rustyair

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    I like him.

  7. patfarlow

    BTW i have a clinic Julian did in Boston if anyone is intersted, its about hour a half long though.

  8. ignatzmouse

    I would love to see/hear Julian's clinic. Please let me know what the best way is to get it. Thanks! For those who are interested, here's a recent YouTube link to Julian and Chris Eldridge doing the bluegrass standard Cattle in the Cane:

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  9. Sandemose

    patfarlow: Id crazy intrested in getting that clinic as well. Please let me know how to get it.

    Best, Sandemose

  10. patfarlow

    whatsa good place to uplaod it to?

  11. Sandemose

    http://www.megaupload.com is good. Fast and free. Thanks Pat!

    Best, Sandemose

  12. patfarlow

    just uploaded lenny breau stuff here http://www.mediafire.com/?gh2uh6daomhrr
    i'll have the julian lage clinic up tomorrow(sunday the 20th), its on my other hardrive back home its awesome, im glad to share!

  13. ignatzmouse

    Thanks for Lenny Breau and thanks in advance for the upload tomorrow!

  14. jazznan

    did you guys read this (this is where music performance and tech is going)

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    look forward to the clinic

  15. ignatzmouse

    Yeah, that seems very interesting.

  16. patfarlow


    Here it is, broken into four 25-30 min parts.
    Julian Lage Clinic

  17. ignatzmouse

    Thanks again!

  18. jbroad

    thanks for posting the JL clinic. i look foward to checking it out!

  19. arewolfe

    Dorian Grey is clearly just teasing. Julian is a virtuoso. Not a huge fan of his overall sound but he is a bad bitch steeped in the jazz tradition.

  20. patfarlow

    Im glad others can enjoy it!

  21. Anny Mouse

    Pat, if I could shake your hand and buy you a beer I would! I've been looking for this for about a year! Thanks so much :)

  22. mrzzajjazz

    Patfarlow, thanks for sharing! :)


  23. patfarlow

    i dont know alot of jazz guitar guys so knowing you guys actually care about this clinic is awesome! (@Annymouse im drinking a beer right now so thanks for the thoughts haha)

  24. jorgemg1984

    Very good clinic!

    You dont get to do a free impro duo with jim hall at 22 if you suck


  25. geetarted

    I just saw the new Gary Burton band at the Detroit Jazz Festival today. Julian was on fire and kicking ass's!


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