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  1. Sandemose

    Julian Lage plays Alone Together, and it is absolutly insane...

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    (I think there is a part 2) as well.

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    I like Julian, perhaps most as a clinician more than the stuff Ive heard with him on records. I just get that feeling that nothing is impossible when I listen to clips like these.

    Best, Sandemose

  2. Gesture

    I know exáctly what you're talking about Sandemose. I get the same feeling when I see/hear Julian Play. There's so much joy and playfulness in his guitar playing.. It always reminds me why it's good to be a musician.

    This video is also great:

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    I also suggest listening to Gary Burton's albums Generations and Next Generation. Julian Lage plays great on those and I think he was like 18 at the time.

  3. Thanks for posting these clips. I have mainly enjoyed him in YouTube clips and other live performance recordings. I have not been to into the albums. There are acoustic things that just feel (... Sorry to say this but , ' suburban Americana ¿?") or there is something ( and this will also sound dumb : too guitar¿?). Some of the stuff with cello frankly feels like its missing bass and I feel it to be not presenting anything he couldn't cover on his own. He is a total ripper and very inventive and inspiring, period. I dont think that has been fully captured or realized on his own recordings is all im saying. He is very very young and there is no doubt he will find his thing .I'm curious about the recording with nels cline!!

  4. patfarlow

    His albums will finally be understood years from now.

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  5. fvanbreuk


  6. egav

    Ah, you can see me in that second video ;)

    He did plenty of more master classes at this week long camp. Also had the chance to hang with some other pretty good Berklee professors.

  7. I think it is interesting to note that Kurt has never mentioned anything about Julian (at least to my knowledge). I maintain that Julian is not merely a master guitar player, but a truly important example of the potential of the human being. I have never talked to someone with so much inner tranquility. Julian, to me, displays for everyone the result of finding your bliss in life in such a beautiful way.

  8. patfarlow

    Kurt if your around, what if your opinion on Julian's music?


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