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  1. Sandemose

    Julian Lage plays Alone Together, and it is absolutly insane...

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    (I think there is a part 2) as well.

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    I like Julian, perhaps most as a clinician more than the stuff Ive heard with him on records. I just get that feeling that nothing is impossible when I listen to clips like these.

    Best, Sandemose

  2. Gesture

    I know exáctly what you're talking about Sandemose. I get the same feeling when I see/hear Julian Play. There's so much joy and playfulness in his guitar playing.. It always reminds me why it's good to be a musician.

    This video is also great:

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    I also suggest listening to Gary Burton's albums Generations and Next Generation. Julian Lage plays great on those and I think he was like 18 at the time.


  3. patfarlow

    His albums will finally be understood years from now.

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  4. fvanbreuk


  5. egav

    Ah, you can see me in that second video ;)

    He did plenty of more master classes at this week long camp. Also had the chance to hang with some other pretty good Berklee professors.

  6. I think it is interesting to note that Kurt has never mentioned anything about Julian (at least to my knowledge). I maintain that Julian is not merely a master guitar player, but a truly important example of the potential of the human being. I have never talked to someone with so much inner tranquility. Julian, to me, displays for everyone the result of finding your bliss in life in such a beautiful way.

  7. patfarlow

    Kurt if your around, what if your opinion on Julian's music?

  8. Patfarlow,
    You were right .
    I deleted my dumb opinion.
    I did take a screenshot ( for the record , if need be ) or can repost.
    Just wanna minimize my vibe(zz).
    Take care all.


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