Julian Shore Band feat. Kurt

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  1. jshore

    Hey Everybody!

    So I recorded with our man Kurt a little while ago, and I've started a Kickstarter to try and make this album a success with as much care as possible. It's an album of my music w/ Kurt, Tommy Crane, Phil Donkin and two singers Alexa Barchini and Shelly Tzarafi. Theres also some guest playing by Jeff Miles, Noah Preminger, Godwin Louis and others. It was such a pleasure working with Kurt, and he really plays really beautifully throughout. I thought that, you all being as big Kurt fans as I am, might feel like checking it out. At the very least you can look forward to hearing the album when it's eventually released :)

    Anyway the link is: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1432400159/julian-shore-band-filaments

    Maybe I'll throw up some preview clips on soundcloud in a few days. And of course I'm happy to answer any questions if you have any. Thanks guys!


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