just a beautiful solo by sarp maden

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  1. contremisart

    hey guys,
    i am not sure if we have a general topic for this but i just wanted to share one of my favorite solos ever.
    i have a bit bluesy taste and this might not be your thing but it is definitely worth listening:


  2. Poparad

    That was really cool! What a weird guitar... I really like this group's music!

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  3. Poparad

    I'm checking out Sarp's stuff now. Great! I can't believe I've never heard of any of these guys before. This is exactly the kind of stuff I love.

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  4. contremisart

    hey i'm glad you enjoyed it. sad thing is i went to a concert of him once and there was only me and my friend and a photographer. you might also like cenk erdogan, another great guitarist from here.

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  5. arewolfe

    Those chords are killer!!! Great melody too.

    Not a huge fan of the solo, but I'm a real sucker for those chords, and the fluctuating major/minor harmony on the bridge.

  6. Basile865

    Contremisart - Cenk Erdogan sounds so cool. I've never heard a guitar sound quite that much like a violin before. I guess he's using a fretless with an Ebow and delay. The opening sequence is wonderful. Where are you from?

  7. contremisart

    Basile, Istanbul/Turkey. Come visit :)


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