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  1. surfinboy

    I was listening to some live Paul Desmond today and the guitarist really grabbed me. It sounded like Jim Hall but not quite as impressionistic, and it was Ed Bickert. I'd heard his name casually but for such an amazing player, his stuff falls way under the radar. I'm planning on a mini-study of his work. Has anyone else explored this guy?

  2. Ed Bickert is great!
    A bit of a pioneer of the use of piano style chord voicings on guitar.
    He also gets a great jazz tone from a telecaster.
    Once in an interview, when asked about his choice of guitar, one not usually associated with jazz, he acted suprised and replied; "Oh, really?"

  3. jorgemg1984

    His chordal work is phenomenal. Not sure it it's pianistic or not, never quite understood that. I need to know him better, good tip!

  4. It's pianistic because there are solos he constructs that have an emphasis on chordal aspects. Like deviating from coming with a slightly louder and hipper rhythmic sense than the comping. They don't feel like prefabricated arrangements . He will play motifs that as you get the drift and it's ascending he will add a sixth or third below . These intervals themselves aren't crazy or jarring but the ease at which he accesses this without sacrificing the vibe of his line and his general developement of solos and phrasing don't feel so guitaristic. They feel simply very musical. Much of the chords are shells and there are close intervals that can be not do intuitive to jump into- again with a level of musicality that isn't so stereotypically guitaristic ( as they aren't always common grips. There is contrary motion. There are theme ta and tools that are the stuff of being informed but that tool box isn't what is the salient feature- its an understated and multidimensional generation of ideas and expression of the tube and harmony.

  5. surfinboy

    Yes, the voicings are the first thing about him that grabbed my ear. Nothing against Johnny Smith block chords, but his stuff seems a lot more modern and, dare I say, hip! Harmonic/chord transcriptions are a bitch for me, but I'm going to give it a shot. The live album is really fantastic.

  6. He has some trio records live and studio. And YouTube is full of Canadian tv segments with him . .. Generally smoking in a yellow ocre turtle neck calmly churning out mellow great ideas with the greatest of ease.

  7. jorgemg1984

    Floating I get all you're saying I just don't get why is that "pianistic" and "non-guitaristic".

  8. Ok

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  9. geetarted

    So great that Ed gets attention here. Many of the great Toronto/ON/Canada guitar players I had lessons with in College knew and had played with him. I got to see Ed play many times and it was just amazing. Perfection. When I would ask some of my teachers if they ever had a lesson with him they would always say something to the effect of... He doesn't like to talk guitar and music at all. He would rather talk about him garden or anything but... And more than a few would comment that he doesn't practice anymore. Made me think about Joe Zawinul, in the way players have said later in his career he didn't ever talk about music or practice. All was for the show.

    The best thing about this thread is that's made me want to check his playing out again... so thanks!!

    If your into Ed.. I highly recommend Lorne Lofsky. The piano comments above made me think of Lorne. HEAVY PLAYER ALERT!

  10. geetarted

    I studied with him and think of Lorne as the next page after Ed. Think Ed Bickert meets Bill Evans.

  11. surfinboy

    I checked out some of Lorne's sound clips on iTunes - wow, thanks for hipping me to him. I might pull the trigger on his album Bill Please.

    Wonder what it is about the water in Canada - also those rhythm sections with Don Thompson, Terry Clark, et al were seriously happenin' too!

  12. Quintricacy

    Someone just showed me some Ed Bickert the other day. Hadn't heard of him before but wow, what a guitar player!

  13. I just came across this :

    Check out this video on YouTube:

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    ... The production, background music , interview style, shots, essentially everything about this ' interview ' is utterly deplorable- except for Ed Bickert himself speaking... What a gentle humble man. What a total monster.

  14. Matt

    Ed Bickert and Lorne Lofsky did an album together entitled 'This is New.' checked it out a bit but never much to say give much of an opinion, unfortunately.


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