Keeping Time With The Cross

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  1. bingefeller

    Hi guys,

    I was trying to play along with The Cross and I find it very difficult as it's in 3/4 time and is at quite a fast tempo, over 200bpm IIRC.

    How do you folks keep in time with something so fast? Do you tap your foot on every beat?

  2. wilmore

    fun song to play. tap every beat or on every 1 or don't tap when your comfortable. the A section is 6 bars of 3/4 with the melody being 2 three bar phrases so it's kinda like 2 bars of 9/4. we count this song off 123 223 323 to get the right feel. the rest of the tune is straight forward fast 3/4 with hard changes. hope that helps a little.

  3. bingefeller

    Yeah thanks, wilmore.

    When you are playing along with this tune where do you tap or do you not tap at all?

  4. JorgeRubiales

    When you play at those tempos, the wisest thing to do is to treat every bar as just one time as wilmore said.

    I agree, I tend to see things at a slower pace so a 3/4 200bpm becomes a 6/8 at 100bpm. Piece of cake right?

  5. bingefeller

    Yes you guys make good sense. Now, getting those rhythms right is another story........


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