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  1. washabaugh

    How have people practiced this? I'm about to sell my guitar as I've been working hard on this for 6 months and am still struggling!!!! ARRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please help my sorry ass!

  2. jorgemg1984

    Play just with the metronome?

  3. jazznan

    I think I know what you're talking about, so clarify if this is not what you mean:

    First, it takes time to hear the changes in your head and to figure out how to play them in a line (listen to the Pat Metheny lesson floating around about playing chord tones and hearing the changes in a line).

    A few suggestions:

    Resolve 7th's to 3rd's in your line.

    Play chord tones and arpeggios.

    Try and sing bass lines (just roots or roots and 5ths)

    The new Pat Metheny exercises book uses a lot of the circle of 5ths and resolving 7th's to 3rd's (ie. Dm7 to G7, would be the note C resolving to B)

    Take a lesson with someone and ask them to help you. Hope that helps and if you quit, you'll never get it, so keep going ;)

  4. denjz

    Singing the melody of the song as you play helps a lot.

  5. callum

    Something people told me for quite a long time (which I decided to not listen to until recently), is to learn the lyrics of the tune. The songs I have done this with are so much easier to get into. Also learning the tune in different keys.


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