KR Trio in Ystad, Sweden

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  1. barolo

    Just back from the trio performance at Ystad Jazz festival, with Jeff Ballard on drums and Ugonna Okegwo on bass. A sort of restrained and almost subdued performance, particularly from the rhythm sections side, but very tasteful and elegant playing all in all.
    "Sandu" started out the show - slow tempo, extremely in-the-pocket, toned down but grooving and swinging. "At long last love" in an up-tempo bossa-rendition - nice, good 'down-to-earth' melodic playing. "Goodbye Pork Pie hat" was very interesting to hear. Masterful treatment of this harmonically challenging tune. Joe Hendersons "Serenity" was a bit 'muddy' and tough to follow if you're not completely familliar with the changes. Horace Silvers "Peace" was wonderful in a sort of slow bossa rendition. Bud Powells "Dance of the infidels" showcased some truly amazing chord playing - out of this world! But it wasn't really until the encore - "Nica's dream" - that we got a serious glimpse of what this trio is really capable of. Here they kicked in that extra gear and released more energy. Very nice concert, good sound and very nuanced and masterful guitarplaying but lacking that real depth and intensity we've been used to. Bass playing very solid and in-the-pocket but drumming surprisingly mainstream, almost mediocre imho.

  2. JPMike

    I am jelly


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