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  1. snowaltz

    Hi forum members, this is my first post. Last night I saw Kurt perform with the Airmen of Note in Washington D.C. The concert was amazing and Kurt's playing was very mature and expressive! I was expecting to hear the Airmen of Note play the OJM arrangements from Kurt's new album "Our Secret World." However, they played all new arrangements! They did three from Kurt's album "The Enemies of Energy" - Hope and Fear, The Enemies of Energy, and Number Ten. They also did an arrangement of his tune, The Next Step. In addition, Kurt performed an amazing trio version of Coltrane's Moments Notice. At the end of the concert the Airmen of Note presented Kurt with a prestigious award. Then for the encore, they played a really nice version of Henderson's Inner Urge. By the looks of the stage set-up, the concert was probably recorded. Hopefully, everyone that was unable to attend will be able to hear the results of this amazing collaboration! Kurt, thank you very much for an outstanding concert!

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  2. jbroad

    oh man! those are the three tunes that kurt has written that i want to hear with a big band! i hope that concert is released at some point

  3. wommusic
    Key Master

    Yes, the concert was recorded and will be broadcast on a number of radio stations at a later point. I also got some video that I hope to put up soon. It was a really fun event, not least when Kurt got an award "on behalf of the whole of the United States Air Force"!

    And thanks for coming out snowaltz!


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