Kurt And Everyone Else: Wanna start recording things! Where do I start?

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  1. RicardoGrilli

    Hey cats!

    I wanna start getting into recording/producing jazz. Have a pretty decent Mac and was wondering what would be the next step!
    An Mbox? Any ideas?

    Thanks loads!

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. For your own purposes? Or producing other people? I just got a zoom h4n . I am not very tech savvy and find it pretty easy to use and the quality is excellent.

  3. RicardoGrilli

    Hey Floatinbridge!

    I should have specified, sorry!
    I mean more in terms of building a home studio, to use myself and eventually other people.


  4. JorgeRubiales

    If you want to record several people at the same time you'll need an audio interface with as many microphone preamps as micrphones you'll be putting, plus line inputs in case of electric bass going direct.... I wouldn't choose the mbox series, they're expensive and don't give much for your money. In general, motu,tascam, etc. are good choices. You need to choose, depending on what ports do you have, if you want an USB2 or firewire interface. Doesn't matter much really, just in case you want to upgrade your computer in a future you're stuck with looking for an especific port.

    If you plan to record several people and one or more instruments are going direct to line, you'll need headphones, and probably a headphone amplifier to deliver the signal to more than one. This isn'tcompletely necessary right now, but multi-people sessions without headphones can be a chaos.

    Regarding microphones, I've tried the studio projects B1, they're quite decent for the money, and come with an anti-shock holder. They've got cardioid, 8 and omni patterns, and have a plain, high pass or -40db pad. They aren't neumann's, but hey, are cheap.

    If you don't have a lot of space (and I mean A LOT, like putting a piano, drum set, double bass, guitar and amp, and maybe one or two horns, and still be able to move comfortably), forget about omni microphones for now. Maybe one to record the whole drum kit, but nothing more (check Recorderman's one mic technique). With some B1 and some Behringer C5's, youre mostly done. You won't have an amazing sound, but you'll learn how to handle microphones, equalise with them by moving them, trying different techniques, getting to know how a mic sees your instruments and how does your room sounds...

    All in all, be prepared to spend between 600 to 1k $/€ as you'll need mic stands and cables too. And if you don't have a permanent recording room, forget about "acoustic treatment" solutions, and learn how to place your mics.

    Hope it helps!


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