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  1. Just curious Kurt- who are some of your favorite peers on your instrument? Do you check out a lot of other guys on the scene ? I know that you always mention older musicians as influences, but I was just wondering who some were some of the peers you enjoy?

  2. kurtisrosenwinkel

    peter bernstein, ben monder, adam rogers, lage lund, mike moreno, jesse van ruller, martin van iterson, nir felder, russell malone, i dig all these guys.

  3. applebum

    Thanks a lot for all those great guys! And what about others kind of music?? And not necessarily guitar players....

  4. jazzbum

    I know you specifically asked Kurt but, damn, Martijn Van Iterson is amazing!!!! His tone and phrasing knock me out. I wish he recorded more. Check out this video on Youtube:

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    I learned a ton from transcribing this intro.

  5. jbroad

    here's another total badass. james muller from australia:

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  6. lollygirl

    James is amazing, I live in Sydney and regularly see him play.

  7. I Think on the kurt's list just is missing Kreisberg!
    I love Peter Bernstein and Yotam Silberstein

  8. cruxtable

    gilad hekselman!:

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  9. applebum

    and wayne krantz

  10. Bernstein...so good. Monk is a dope album. I think his relentless melodicism and penchant for understatement are often overlooked by younger jazz guitarists!

  11. Tim miller.

  12. Julian Lage, Steve Cardenas, Brad Shepik, Larry Koonse.

  13. geetarted

    Ya.. Steve Cardenas did a great job with his Monk transcription book.

  14. arewolfe

    Cool to see Nir in there.

    Not exactly a straight ahead player, but I've always been curious as to what KR thinks of Bryan Baker (

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  15. jbear

    Scott Henderson...no words...chops, tone, and phrasing. Fusion, blues, straight ahead...doesn't matter.

  16. wommusic
    Key Master

    Scott Henderson is one baaaad man - I totally agree with you jbear! Used to work with him a bit in the mid- 90ties, and he always played his ass off whenever I saw him play!

  17. jbroad

    scott henderson is one of my fav's as well. he writes some great stuff too

  18. Anonymous

    Hey guys,
    I love too the way Steve Cardenas rithmically plays ... he's a genius !
    Another great guitarist is Lionel Loueke, he has a lot of nice ideas and phrases.
    What do you think about this player ? I think he's burnin' ... Check it out !

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  19. InWalked

    Nels Cline, Will Bernard, Jim Campilongo

  20. LeonardoB


    Do you know, by any chance, what brand of guitar is Bebo Ferra playing in those videos you posted? I mean, the kinda 335-style sunburst semihollow he's using.
    Any help is much appreciated


  21. Looks like a heritage ( based on the long and tapering head stocks with those shiny Grovers and the sharply cut pick guard that gets the same stain as the guitar).

  22. david6strings

    +1 kurt's list i'd changed nir felder who i don't know bout him by kurt himself hehehe, and mention on joe cohn, very important man in jazz guitar for me

  23. lacroix

    If you don't know Nir Felder I'd recommend this


    Nir's solo on the first tune is just amazing.
    Btw, Greg Osby plays fantastic, too. I love that guy.


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