Kurt and Ted Greene

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  1. smoke

    I was listening to Kurt's 2006 NGW clinic today and was really struck by his demonstration of putting a chord on every beat of a tune. It kind of sounds like stride piano and I have recordings of Ted Greene doing something along those same lines. It really sounds amazing.

    If anyone has ever checked out any of Ted Greene's comping exercises on the website set up to distribute his lessons, there are quite a few similarities to what Kurt plays in the example. I am curious if anyone has checked them out and what you think of them? I wonder if Kurt ever studied w/ Ted?

    If you haven't checked them out, there are some really great ways to expand your vision of harmony on the guitar. Here is a really nice example on the tune 'When Sunny Gets Blue'



    Just tossing it out there in case anyone digs that sound.

  2. sternj20

    any chance you or any one else would be willing to re up the clinic? it was originally uploaded to megaupload which is no longer in service...

  3. david6strings

    hi, by the way anyone remember what the simbols means the x the white circle and the X ???

  4. geetarted

    Modern Chord Progressions was a bible of mine when I was working out my chordal style and concepts. I still like to check it out once and a while. One of "THE" great chord books EVER. check out at.


    Have fun learning!

  5. smoke

    hi, by the way anyone remember what the simbols means the x the white circle and the X ???

    David, the codes are as follows, as best I remember:

    Black dot (s) - strike first
    'X' - strike 2nd
    Square - Strike 3rd
    Triangle - Strike 4th
    White circle - optional note, can be added or left out as desired.


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