Kurt + Anders: Gear section please!!!

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  1. Anyone active in this forum notices that a lot of topics are about Kurt's gear, present and past. Most forum members are guitar players themselves and very interested in all kinds of guitar related stuff.
    It would be SO great to have a gear section on Kurt's homepage, just dedicated to his guitars, amps and pedals, including detailed pictures and maybe a few words by Kurt on why he likes a particular piece. It's really not that uncommon, a lot of musicians feature that on their site.

    Maybe, if we keep this topic alive long enough and some fellow forum members join me in this request, we could capture Kurt's or Anders attention!
    So, anyone else as keen on that as me??
    Cheers, Luop

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  2. jazzbum

    I think that would be awesome. Kurt clearly knows a lot about the effects he uses, it would be great to hear even a little insight into his development using technology. In the mean time check out the gearslutz forum as he posted some interesting stuff there when he first got into the boutique pedals he uses now.

  3. JorgeRubiales

    +1 to that. And since Kurt isn't endorsed by any brand that I know of, it wouldn't be any problem with naming different brands on the same page (unlike other websites where you can't see famous gear because the player is endorsed by another brand).

  4. jorgemg1984

    Another one!

  5. Quintricacy

    Yeah I'd be up for this aswell!

  6. mrzzajjazz

    Yup! I'd love to see a gear-section and Kurt's comments about the stuff he uses!


  7. jazznan


  8. Count me in!

  9. bump

  10. LeonardoB

    Yah, dig it!



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