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Kurt at Crossroads via Aaron Parks

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  1. jazznan

    Aaron Parks just posted this fun little summary of Kurt at Crossroads (for those of you who didn't see it):

    Among the things that just happened onstage at our Crossroads gig at Madison Square Gardens:

    1) The very first notes I played (the intro to Kurt's tune "Heavenly Bodies") gave me quite a shock, as the sound I was hearing wasn't that of a piano, but something considerably more plucky and odd. After looking around in some bewilderment, I discovered that someone had turned on the midi output of the C7 I was playing, and for some reason the sound was set to "Guitar Fret." A sound guy rushed onstage and as I continued playing he cycled through a few sounds (including a drum cymbal sample) until I managed to get the cursed thing turned off. Couldn't stop giggling for a little while after that.

    2) Allan Holdsworth joined us for the second tune, and after a small delay due to some technical difficulties, he launched into a mind-expanding solo guitar intro, which led into an epic version of Gamma Band. Yes, epic. The word is overused, but in this case it seems appropriate. Kurt and Allan together was mayhem, in the best way.

    3) I comped behind an Eric Clapton guitar solo on a reharmonized arrangement of "If I Should Lose You." Can't imagine that I'll find myself in that situation ever again.

    4) We ended with a shuffle blues in A. It was a party.

  2. Neither

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    And he says in comments :

    "5) I had a good time!"

    "Yeah, Tommy and Mck, it was recorded and videotaped for eventual DVD release..."

    Edit :

  3. goshawk

    Lord have mercy.

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  5. JPMike

    I am speechless...

  6. Poparad

    That was every bit as awesome as I was hoping it would be! I've really wanted to hear Allan in this context for a long time, playing with musicians who are very much in the same spirit of his music, although with different aesthetic approaches. The blend between Kurt and Allan, tonewise, was very tasty. I would love to see this group tour or record or do something more substantial than a one off performance.

  7. Basile865

    Allan and Kurt are my two favorite guitarists but Allan sounds slightly out of context with Kurts band in my opinion. Allan truly deserved to bring his own group with him to really do his own thing.

    I think thats the problem sometimes with large festivals. Its a bit of a circus logistically backstage and I'd imagine itd be hard for the musicians to calm down and get in the zone. Quick and dirty kind of.

    But kudos to clapton for bringing these guys out, especially people like Allan and Kurt.

  8. SJS

    Would be interesting to get Kurt's take on it?

  9. smoke

    Am I crazy or does that song sound like it is in 4/4 instead of 5/4 like the original? It is hard to really hear anything in the utube vid.

  10. jbroad

    the sound in the video is pretty bad but it's definitely in 5

  11. Neither

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    A new neck pick up ?
    Allan Holdsworth with Kurt Rosenwinkel's D'angelico :

  12. What a beautiful image. Look at that blurred flurry of fury!

  13. smoke

    Two dudes responsible for many, many hours of inspiration. I am so glad they played together and hope they can work together on something in the future. What a cool moment in time for them and us.

  14. JPMike

    That's truly a beautiful image.

    Btw, Kurt changed the tuners on his D'Angelico?? Are those Klusons?? Also, I know that the pickup is not an SD '59 anymore, anyone knows what's on the guitar at the moment? I would really like to know.

  15. jorgemg1984

    Kurt talked about that here recently - he had some tech guru made him a pickup in Berlin... I think it has a huge output. He said he was still not totally happy with it and that he never found the perfect pickup (if I remember correctly! it was a few months ago, easy to find)

  16. kurtisrosenwinkel

    hey guys,
    Crossroads was epic. lots of fun and quite an adventure. I put robotic tuners on my guitar from Tronical Tuners. they are pretty incredible, they work great. press a button and it tunes itself to any tuning you program. As Aaron mentioned above the set was not what i would call "smooth", lots of mishaps. but i didn't mind and i enjoyed it all. The new pickup is from a guy in Berlin and it has a very LOW output and a nice open, dark sound if you can imagine that. like brown butter. the output is too low actually because i have to make up lots of gain from my signal chain. I'm going to have it adjusted. but high output pickups are more likely to distort, so lower is better for clean players.

    Holdsworth was great, if nervous. but he's always a bit like that, so it was all good. those moments when his guitar didn't work in front of 20,000 people were the longest couple minutes I've ever experienced. but when it worked it was worth the wait.

    Clapton was fantastic. What a cool person. So humble and appreciative of other people, and played his ass off. He also gave me a guitar- a beautiful stratocaster finished with Ferrari grey paint....


  17. jbroad

    congrats and thanks for the inside scoop! sounds like it was an incredible weekend!

  18. jazznan

    Thanks for the post Kurt. Premier Guitar mag did a top 20 moments of the festival:

    Kurt rips a solo on his Strat (I believe) at about 4:18 and then hands off to Gary Clark Jr.

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  19. JPMike

    Thank you so much, Kurt. I am more than grateful!!

    P.S I wish Kurt's solo was longer at the jam video.

  20. Gesture

    wtf kurt did you BEND a note?

  21. kurtisrosenwinkel

    thats right Gesture- ... i don't think its possible to play a stratocaster and NOT bend a note, especially at a blues festival! plus EC had just been discussing the difficulties in vibrato-ing a bent note so i wanted to try it....

    ;) k

  22. RicardoGrilli

    Kurt man, I see that video and can't help but smile!

    It really makes me happy to see you hanging with those cats.

    You made it to Madison Square Garden with Eric Clapton on your terms man, playing your music. That's a real beautiful thing and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that's incredibly inspiring for all of us that are just trying to be the best we can.

    Thanks for all the music man, stay humble and congratulations!

  23. Gesture

    Haha right on man.. Must be so awesome.
    Cant wait to see you & your band at NSJ.
    I hope you play my favorite song, if you can guess what that is. ;)


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