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Kurt clinic from 2006

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  1. Sandemose

    Hey Kurt and/or Anders. I recently stumbled across a clinic with Kurt that was new to me. Its recorded 2006 in August. It says: NGW Clinic August 2006. Kurt plays a nylon (?) guitar. Its over 2 hours long and there are some great discussions and questions to Kurt. The vibe is really nice and Kurts playing is so inspiring.

    Im afraid for all the legal issuses with all this, I wont post the link now. If I get a "go" from Kurt or Anders, I´ll post a download link to the clinic. What do you guys in charge say?

    Best, Sandemose

  2. Poparad

    From the National Guitar Workshop, perhaps? I thought I remember him being on the bill for either this year or last year's jazz week. I worked a few of the camps back in 2007, but I didn't recall him being mentioned as a guest artist from the previous year.

  3. animitta

    I "Need to know": where is the link?

    So please guys, let Sandemose be the man who will spread the Kurt's verb from that link's clinic : )

    I think many many people would be interested about. Only in the case it's not an illegal issue.

    All the Best

  4. Sandemose

    animitta: Haha, yeah, nice one using a songtitle of Kurt. I gotta do that more often. I´ll share the link as soon as I get a go from either Anders or Kurt. Its the illegal issue Im thinking about,



  5. mrzzajjazz

    Ah... It would be great if you were granted the permission to share it :) I'm working on a transcription of Kurt's version of "Inner Urge" from the bocco-clinic(the youtubevideo), have completed over 5 minutes now...(puh...hard work). I would like to share it here on the forum when I complete it. Would that also have legal issues?

    All the best,


  6. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hey Guys - sure, go ahead general we don't really want clinics to be recorded, and thus shared, but since this one is already out problem with the transcription though mrzzajjazz!

  7. Sandemose

    wonmusic: thanks a bunch, I understand that you dont want clinics floating around, so thanks again for letting me sharing this. Its a great clinic as I said before. I absolutly love hearing Kurt talk about theory, method, and arts in general as much as I love to listen to his playing.

    Enjoy friends!


  8. mrzzajjazz

    Thanks for sharing Sandemose! I'm looking forward to listen to this clinic! :)


  9. animitta

    Hippie Hippie Hurra for Kurt, wonmusic and Sandemose : )

    All the Best

  10. nateroberts

    SO amazing. You guys are the best. Thanks for allowing it.

    - nate

  11. Anonymous

    Thanks man !

  12. monk

    thank you sandemose .. you're a cool guy

  13. denjz

    Wow that's a great one!
    Thanks a lot Sandemose,Kurt and Anders!

    ...never knew Kurt played nylon string Godin...

  14. Joel

    Excellent work Sandemose, and thanks to Kurt and Anders too.

  15. hitdoggie

    Saw a Kurt clinic and show in Maine yesterday...thanks for coming up this way Kurt!

    The show was superb.

    the clinic highlights:

    (some pretty dull questions so nothing major to share) was up to the audience to ask the questions so this was totally not his fault.

    1. With playing Kurt mentioned he never stretches his hands out and he shifts positions frequently by sliding where the half steps would concept.

    The rest you can hear in most clinics.

    It was still great to see him in my home state. The crowd packed the auditorium...and the clinic was busier than I have ever seen one up this way.

    his playing was on fire and Ted Poor and Kurt really sounded amazing should have heard "Invitation!!!"

  16. Superb recording! Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. jazzbum

    What a clinic! Amazing version of Falling Grace.....his demonstration of the 1 chord per beat concept is particularly clear and inspiring. Thanks for sharing the file sandemose. Even more thanks to Kurt for being so open with his knowledge, it brought a tear to my eye.

  18. arewolfe

    Oh man, I cannot wait to listen to this. There was a clinic when KR came to Berklee in the early 2000's that gave me a ton of new ideas for practicing. Someone in the audience asked how the song Cubism came into existence, and Kurt dove into a great explanation about grouping the "12 keys into 3 groups of 4 tonics."

  19. Hi guys!
    Can anybody tell me the name of the tunes, including the one kurt plays during the stride/ chord exercise? The only one I know is falling grace, which is the next to last one.
    Thanks a lot!

  20. Quintricacy

    I'm not sure of the stride bit but the first tune he plays is Chelsea Bridge.

  21. aguazero_87

    hi sandmose, can you post again the video of the clinic because megaupload s not working any more. im looking for it on the web but is impossible to find it, thanks!

  22. arewolfe

    The stride is "These Foolish Things (remind me of you)."

    It's one of the most devastating things I've ever heard played on solo guitar. The first time I heard it, it was simultaneously one of the most inspiring yet crushing moments in my musical life. I've never heard anything like it, and it is clearly a phenomenal achievement to be able to independently improvise a solo like that while playing a chord on every beat.

    Here's Lester:

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Flash Video

  23. Djangologist

    Hi Sandemose, can I second aguazero_87's comment and ask if it would it be possible for you to re-upload this clinic? I'm super eager to see/hear this stride version of "these foolish things" and glean some knowledge. Thank you in advance!!!

  24. JFB


  25. 2

  26. jorgemg1984

  27. THANK YOU!!!!!

  28. Djangologist

    Yes, much appreciated. Thanks.

  29. callum

  30. Sandemose

    Hi guys, at this time I cant upload anything. I have limited amount of internet data to upload and download (I cant hardly youtube stuff anymore) but if I get a chance to do it from another computer I might do it.

    Best, Sandemose

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