Kurt clinic from 2006

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  1. Lasse S

    Lasse saves the day.. lol :)

    For you guys: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3542425/Kurt%20Rosenwinkel%20-%20NGW%20Clinic%2C%20August%202006.mp3

  2. jorgemg1984

    Ah now I know why my e-mail has been so quite :)

  3. Ben

    I have a recent clinic at Oberlin Conservatory (2/21/12).. If anyone has anything good to trade I'd be more than happy to pass this along..

  4. jorgemg1984

  5. I'll send you pot cookies?

  6. Lasse S

  7. Ben

    Jorge, what other clinics do you have.. I had NGW 2006 and also have Berklee 2003 and Sao Paulo. If you have anything new I'd love to swap, any bootleg kurt?

    Floatingbridge- I'm so down, whats your email

    Ps- he doesn't play guitar in any of the clinics, he plays piano.. its amazing

  8. fakejake

    Hmm why do you guys send the clinics via email instead of providing links to the files, so that everybody (even if, for some unlucky reason, he doesn't have anything to share at the moment -like me) can download it? this would also circumvent the download limits of certain webmail providers...
    just saying, I'd appreciate it a lot!!

  9. jorgemg1984

    Benjaminira I have those three exactly... I have 10 group bootlegs an three standards trio that I would happily trade for your masterclass... what's your e-mail?

  10. aguazero_87

  11. Dorian Grey

  12. Neither

    I'm interested too. my email : neither.neither AT hotmail.fr (replace " AT " with @)
    Thanks !

  13. jorgemg1984

    Also interested in the Bocco clinic - [email protected]

    I also wanted to say to everyone the WGS clinic is now online so no need to send more e-mails :) The other ones I have are Berklee and Sao Paulo which I believe are widely available on the Internet and I am not sure Kurt is OK with massive sharing - forum members is one thing but I got e-mails from people I never saw on the forum...

    Thanks for understading!

  14. jazzacast55

  15. littlewu

  16. arewolfe

    FYI the stride thing starts around 15:45 on Lasse's link.

  17. jorgemg1984

    Bump for the Bocco clinic...

  18. paddypat

    HI everybody!!!
    i've already found the NGW and Sao paulo but impossible to find bocco...:(
    Could someone help me please?
    pouzetp[at]yahoo.fr replace [at] by @ !!

  19. jbroad

  20. xZag

    Hey everyone
    could somebody upload the ngw masterclass again unfortunately megaupload was shut down and i really would love to hear this clinic.

  21. carlito

    I would love to hear it as well!

    Someone please upload it?


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