Kurt Elling

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  1. guitarguy1234

    Its kinda relevant cause they have the same first name and play the same genre of music so I thought I would just post about this here.
    I saw Kurt Elling in concert last night and it was frickin incredible. He is an amazing vocalist and all round musician. If you guys haven't checked him out yet I thoroughly recommend it.
    Also a very nice guy. Had a chat to him after the gig.

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. barolo

    Agreed, Elling is definetely one of the most interesting singers of his generation. If I'm not mistaken the two Kurts actually played a couple of gigs together at Birdland a few years ago?

  3. guitar1025

    Elling is amazing. Check out Orange Blossoms in Summertime off of the Flirting With Twilight album. Scary shit!!!



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