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Kurt exercise/run

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  1. What's a common run or exercise used by Kurt in his playing.I would like to get familiar with his musical mindset(though it may take a few dozen years ; )

  2. smoke

    Kurt has a pretty huge harmonic bag so getting something condensed down into a few lines would be almost impossible. From what I have read and found in my own transcribing, he uses a lot of triads and pentatonic scales, but that is far from defining his sound. His rhythmic bag is as big as his harmonic one so even just dealing with how he deals with rhythm would be a massive undertaking. The dude is just a machine.

    Best bet is to listen to a lot of his music and pull out a few lines you like and transcribe/analyze them. There is a level of osmosis that can happening from just listening to someone or something many, many times.

  3. That was my first inclination,the music itself,cd's.Though I did see a vid' on Youtube in which he demonstrated a pentatonic exercise.

  4. animitta

    Maybe you could find usefull this website:

    All the Best

  5. Thnx Animitta,lot of material covered there,really cool stuff~


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