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  1. jorgemg1984

    Has anyone seen this video?

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    He seems to be using Hardwire RV7 and MXR CArbon Copy.... Does anyone know if he replaced the RV7 for the Nova Reverb? And the Lehles for the Xotic X Blender?


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  2. david6strings

    the matter seems to be he makes sure to convert all his pedals in true bypass. i think marks gives him different products to check out. the x blender and the lehle are for the same porpouse, aren't they

  3. The past few shows I have been to, he hasn't had any of those converter pedals at all!!....I've yet to see him with them for the past few years....not with his Standards Trio, or the recent Big Band gigs in the Iridium, or the new-group-rarity with Andrew D'angelo at the Vanguard! The newest pedal(s) I thought he had were a EHX Hog (which sounded AMAZING...he was using it like a no-attack-organ-sound for chords behind the bass solo or the sax solo...I don't remember which one) and a Boss OC-3(I think it was the OC-3)...
    I have read that he use(d)(s)(???) a compressor??? Never seen that thing either but I'd be very interested in that whole bag-o-tricks!
    He also has plugged into both the reverb/tremolo channel on his Twin Reverb, AND the normal channel on different nights...which I thought was both hilarious and interesting!! He must be seriously investing time into the tone of the amp...(which I have seen him with a blackface AND an silverface...the silverface was news to me!)

  4. add4

    I don't know about Kurt's amps, but on my old fender Tremolux, i noticed that i can plug into the normal and bright channels simultaneously, so i can mix the two and balance beween their sound. it also gives a more 'spacey' sound, especially when plugging a stereo effect like delay or chorus, even on the same amp. maybe it's that kind of tricks he's using

  5. jorgemg1984

    Yes, the lehle and the x blender are for the same purpose, but i would really like to know which one kurt likes more... and also his opinion on the rv7 vs the nova reverb.

  6. JorgeRubiales

    lehle seems to have better sound quality...

  7. I don't know about the pedals but the other videos that were taken along with the pedal board video are great!!!

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    and so on

  8. here is a new youtube post of kurt with his trio in copenhagen from the 3rd of this month. it's just audio but there are pictures of all of his gear in a slideshow thing.

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    btw man kurt keeps getting better and better. this solo is great. big intervals!!!! and i really like ted poor with kurrt. he has a real cool approach to the drums. they play real good together

  9. Wow, Kurts D'angelico is already pretty worn, look at the spot where his forearm lies. I wonder what kind of finish that guitar has. Most modern day gtrs seem to take ages to show some wear.

  10. JtV

    That is great, anyone else try that digitech reverb?

  11. jorgemg1984

    Wow great clip on Copenhagen, he`s not using reverb from his amp)

  12. mrzzajjazz

    The clip from Copenhagen is just amazing. It's really fun to witness how Kurt's evolving as an artist. He plays things here that I have never heard anybody play on a guitar before. He's really expanding the boundries of what's possible to do on the instrument.


  13. wow, what a solo! that is amazing. I've had the hardwire reverb for a bit and its a great pedal. the reverbs are from lexicon. the hall setting is definitely ben monder sounding

  14. jorgemg1984

    Anyone has this in mp3?

  15. The tune from the copenhagen video (thanks, btw) is "Backup" by Larry Young (F blues).


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